Next YU Phone “Caesar” coming in April; Runs on Android L of Cyanogen OS 12

When we actually tested out Yu Yuerka phone, it turned out to be an impressive and laos had a great response from the market. Good news is that if you liked it, YU Televenture is working on a second handset, code named “Caesar”, which will be released in April. This was revealed by YU Televentures co-founder Rahul Sharma revealed during an exclusive interview with BGR India.

The most interesting aspect of phones from YU is that hey don’t look like a Micromax phone. They are not only good in design, build and overall quality, it comes preloaded with Cyanogen mode Android Flavour which has a great liking in the Android Fan base. Good news for all YU fans is that the next phone will come preloaded with OS 12.

While Micromax name is no where to be found, it seems This move of Micromax is compete with recently entrant Xiaomi and OnePlus which has got a huge traction from Social media and techies.

In the interview he said

“Micromax already had tailwind behind it and were growing in numbers month after month, quarter after quarter. We were thinking about what’s next and we wanted to target a different set of users – the tech natives and digital natives – the nerds. They want to customize their phones. What were we doing for them? And with that thought YU was born,”

“We wanted to have a custom ROM for YU and were wondering whether we should do it on our own. Then we came across Cyanogen and we realized to reach that customization level would tale is two to three years,” he says. “If it was just about getting into online sales we would not have gone to the extent of custom ROMs and things like that.”

Also looking at the context of the interview, Micromax may get into connected things or the Internet of Everything using the popularity of the branding, as they grow with time.

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