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How to play AAC and MPEG4 on Xbox console

XBox Optional Media Update for AAC and MPEG4

Most of the times when your friends get music or video on USB they are of different format from the supported ones. AAC which is the audio format for apple devices like iPad, iPod and iPhone and MPEG4 is one of the most common video format are not directly supported but if you download the Optional Media Update from XBox ...

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How to schedule download on Xbox 360 from anywhere

XBox Download Queue

Many a times it happens that you lose some good offers specially the free one for your Xbox because you are at work and going home is not going to be any time soon. Though sad but if you have access to internet you have a reason to cheer up. Your Xbox live account ( Gold or not ) allows you to ...

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How to change XBox Setup Key for Windows Media Center

Extendor Setup

XBox can be connected with a Windows Computer using Windows Media Center. This requires an 8 Digit secure key using which Windows Media Center adds the XBox 360 console as extender and lets you play movies, videos and images on your TV. So anybody who knows this key can add your XBox as one of its extender for example lets ...

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XBox 360 Kinect Bundle Unboxing with Kinect Avatars

XBox Kinect Bundle

I got an XBox 360 Kinect Bundle yesterday and played for like two hours yesterday and 2 hours in morning. In one word, Kinect is Addictive and for people like me who don’t have much time to go for workout, Kinect is a great help. What was in the bundle : XBox 360 Console Kinect One Wi-Fi Controller with a ...

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Kinect for XBox 360 : Promotional Video

Here is an awesome promotional video for Kinect for XBox 360 by Microsoft Press. It not only looks awesome but when you get it your kids and you yourself wont be a couch potato anymore.!! You are the controller.

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How to play original Xbox game on Xbox 360 ?

Old time games are always missed no matter how much advanced version games we keep getting. I still miss the Mario games which I used to play all the time. So now if you have some Original XBox game which you want to play what do you do? You just cant do anything unless XBox people help you out. These ...

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Windows LIVE™ Messenger on Xbox 360™ with Updates

The launch of Windows LIVE™ Messenger on Xbox 360™ can now connect to friends across Xbox 360 consoles, Microsoft® Windows®-based PCs and Windows Mobile®-powered devices.With this update to Xbox 360, friends and families can easily connect and chat directly from their television using Windows Live Messenger. There is a new virtual keyboard for text chatting on Xbox 360 or by ...

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Xbox Live On Personal Computer

Microsoft’s Xbox Live is going to be available to even PC users to play from home without buying the XBox kit. This service will be available from May 8th, same day Windows Vista version Halo 2, Microsoft’s popular alien shooter game is going to introduced. Looks like time for some shockwave. The Live online service will be open to PC ...

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Xbox 360 digital download service Is it worth ?

After a year of launch of XBOX 360, Microsoft offers  a digital video download service which offers XBOX owners to buy television shows and rent movies.This announcement makes Microsoft as first console maker to offer this kind of service. So, consumers will now be able to access hundreds of full-length TV shows for download-to-own and movies for download-to-rent from CBS, ...

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