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Nokia to Launch 40 New Phones : Windows Phone 7 Coming Soon ?

According to HT, Nokia will launching 40 new models in 2011 of which 12 will be Smart phones. This has been told to HT by a Nokia Executive who is close to development. Now assuming this is going to happen, can we expect a Windows Phone 7 ? After the recent tie up between Nokia and Microsoft and promise to ...

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Trubleshooting the failed WP7 Update : WP7 Support Tool

Windows Phone Update Recovery

If the Windows Phone 7 Update is failing for you every time you tried,  Microsoft Support teams has released a Windows  Phone Support tool which will help you resolve some possible issues. As of now the tool helps you in resolving two issues : 800705B4: The timer ran out on what we were trying to do. 80180080: We couldn’t update ...

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When will you get Windows Phone 7 Update ?

Windows Phone 7 Update

There is already lot of delays and drama going on with Windows Phone 7 update. While users wait for their phone to get the NoDo update, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 team has placed an update page which gives you an idea how long you might have to wait to get an update for your phone. Visit Windows Phone  7 Update ...

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Detailed Comparison of Windows Phone 7 Handsets

windows phone 7 comparison

Which Windows Phone 7 is better ? If that’s the question in your mind, indy8 has an excellent visual diagram comparing 10 Windows Phone 7 devices according to Width, Height, Rom/ Ram, Camera, Thickness, Battery Life, Screen Size. The Windows Phone 7 in list of cpomaprison are : Dell Venue Pro HTC HD 7 HTC 7 Mozart HTC 7 Pro ...

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Free Download Windows Phone 7 Wallpaper Pack

Free Download Windows Phone 7 Wallpaper Pack BoxyFlip for WP7

Windows Phone 7 is the latest buzz; everybody is trying to get a new Windows Phone 7. Ashish took almost a week before finalizing Xbox over Windows Phone 7, and now has decided to wait for next version of Windows Phone 7. Well, here is a pack of Windows Phone 7 wallpapers; it has eight wallpapers designed by TWC Author ...

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Windows Phone 7 to get Copy Paste Feature

Looks like finally Microsoft Windows Phone team did hear request from their users and Windows Phone 7 users will soon see Copy paste feature in their mobile in soon to come update. This was one of the drawbacks which was holding me back to buy this phone. I hope next update brings few more changes requested by many of the ...

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Breaking ICE Bricks to get a Windows Phone 7 [ Video ]

WP7 Guriella Marketing

Windows Phone 7 are doing their best to get everybody’s attention to the new mobile phone. The recent strategy they used was keeeping a brand new Windows Phone 7 inside a huge ice brick and asking the winners to break it and take it.They call it the Guerrilla Marketing and was done in Paris France. The video  below is worth ...

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How to Add ringtones to your Windows Phone 7

WP7 Custom Ringtone Manager

If you got your phone unlocked / jailbroken using the ChevronWP7 tool, its time to check the next app which allows you to install new ring tone / change existing Ringtone / add ringtones in Windows Phone 7. You can select up to 5 sound files in WMA Format which can be set as ringtone when its gets deployed as ...

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Free Download Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak / Unlocker Application

Windows Phone 7 jailbreak / unlocker application

We talked about Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak or Unlocker application sometimes back when Long Zheng pointed to function reference in Windows Phone 7 DLL, This now has ultimately converted to reality and he again points out to a new application which can JailBreak your Windows Phone 7 and let you install third-party application outside of Windows Phone 7 Market Place. ...

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Will you Jailbreak your Windows Phone 7

WP7 Jailbreak

Long Zheng points to function reference in Windows Phone 7 DLL reference, Microsoft.Phone.InteropServices , which was found by Australian developer Chris Walshie which can be used to run unmanaged code on a retail Windows Phone 7 device. If you find this little Geeky then it simply means that with a Jailbroken Windows Phone 7 you can run any application which ...

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