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Bluepoison Unlocks Hidden Features in Windows 8 and New Themes

Windows 8 Themes

Windows 8 still in development preview has many features locked for good but if you are one of those power users ready to take drive on rough rodes, Guys at windows8italia.com have just the right kind of application ready for you. This application named as Bluepoison, can turn on and turn off features with a click and without any restart and ...

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Change Metro Color Scheme in Windows 8

Metro Ui Changer

Windows 8 As of now has no direct way which allows you to choose different colour settings for its Metro UI i.e. For example if you want to have different colour scheme for Charm Sidebar and something different for Logon Screen. I think probably the feature is locked as of now in the developer preview and Window 8 has similar ...

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How to Kill / Close Metro Apps using Windows 8 Task Manager

Suspended Apps in Windows 8 task Manager

Starting with Windows 8 and the brand new Metro Apps concept whenever you switch between apps, they get into a new mode called as Suspended Mode , which makes sure the apps are not consuming CPU and Memory i.e. not getting your Windows 8 Experience Slow. Because of this new state, exiting or closing apps becomes difficult unless you have ...

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Free Download Windows 8 Pro / RT Themes

Windows 8 Themes Metro Tile Series Purple

Starting Windows 8, Themes are way different from the themes we had in Windows 7, so if you try to install Windows 7 Theme on Windows 8, it will work but then you don’t get features like multiple taskbar, dual monitor support etc.  So below are list of themes which are just for Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT.  However ...

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Windows 8 : Refresh when Slow, Reset to Reinstall ( Video )

Starting Windows 8 now it is possible to re install the Operating System using System refresh still keeping the apps installed, files intact and no loss of personal data. The second in this trend is System Reset which is useful if you want to do a clean install, or planning to handover the machine to a new person.

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Windows 8 to have built-in PDF Reader

Minimalistic design and Appx based Built-in PDF reader coming with Windows 7

We have been hearing about news related to upcoming Windows 8. Here is the news – Windows 8 will have a Built-in PDF Reader, named as Modern Reader, this is great news for sure. Having a PDF Reader of its own is probably a feature every Windows user has been dreaming for long. Paul Thurrott revealed this in his post ...

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Windows 8 to have inbuilt Sync to Web

Windows 8 Sync

It seems Microsoft will finally add Sync feature as one of the core features of Windows 8 which as a start should sync to Windows Live Account but I am hoping that Windows will have some kind of Add-on support which will help us to sync to Popular services like DropBox which will make more sense. Via Within Windows  

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Windows 8 : One Click Copy and Move to Folder

Windows 8 Copy to and Move to

Looking more closely to the screenshots posted by Within Windows,  Another very interesting thing can be seen. Windows Explorer will have one click copy to and move to button in the Ribbon UI which was one of number one requested feature. Not only that but it will also list down the recently accessed folder for Move to. Not sure why.

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Windows 8 to get Office Ribbon UI

Windows 8 Ribbion UI

This was expected. Next version of Windows seems to be getting a menu revamp and being replaced by Microsoft Office Ribbon UI interface as seen in the screenshots posted by WithinWindows. Looking at the screenshots, it looks a bit ugly as the icons are pretty big and buttons too large but I am hoping this will change. Also an API should come up letting apps ...

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Why Steve Ballmer did not show anything of Windows Next Version in CES 2011

Ballmer Steve

Twitter and Facebook Feed and everybody watching Steve Ballmer flooded complaints that Microsoft did not showcase anything about next version of Windows in CES 2011, also popularly coined as Windows 8 by many. I had watched the live feed myself and there are a couple of reasons I want to put down : This could be defensive move. Showcasing something ...

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