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PassPlex is an easy Password generator

PassPlex Password Generator

If you in hurry and need a strong password for an account, PassPlex is an easy to use tool which creates strong password instantly. The best part of this tool is easy to use and options to create strong password. For example you can choose to have special character or numbers or both. You can also choose the length of ...

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What is 3D Password Scheme


Secure authentication scheme is one of the most important requirements of current times, considering the fact that more and more activities are being online, let it be shopping, data access from clouds, etc. No doubt there are several authentication schemes already available and being used worldwide, however these pre-existing password and authentication schemes have several vulnerabilities. Drawbacks for Pre-existing Password ...

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Strong passwords which you need not to remember

Strong password is one thing every online users should have for any damn account he or she uses. Its required and suggested but in order to remember them, specially with those one caps, one number etc, it becomes really tedious. How about using a password like 1234 and make it as complex as Ax9Di&a ? and still need not to ...

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How to easily generate strong and recoverable passwords

We have posted about a couple of password managers, online tool and desktop application for generating and managing passwords. We have also seen a damn simple method to create simple yet secure passwords. Here is another online tool, which allows you to create some really strong passwords, named as Simple Password. The idea is, you tell this service the name ...

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Create strong password based on your personal information

generally its not recommended to have password based on personal information like date of birth, name or favorite words etc etc. But then again to remember difficult password is another job. You need to save it some where or manage your self. But if you still want to use personal information , Password Bird is one online service which lets ...

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How to Create Simple yet Secure Password

Password Chart

Password chart, is a very secure way, for creating passwords. Picking and remembering strong passwords has always been a baffling job. Password Chart is an awesome service, through which you can create very strong passwords for e-mail, messenger, or any other login.As soon as you connect to Password Chart , you get to see a web page as shown here. ...

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