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Dual Monitor Tools : Make the most of your multiple monitors

Working with Two Monitors

Working on two monitors for many of us increases our productivity but with that there are a lot of other things shows up and you feel like if you had something to manage this too. Dual Monitor Tools are set of application which helps you make the most of your multiple monitor scenario. Here is the list : Dual Snap : ...

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Quickly change Monitor Resolution from Command Line

Switch resolution

Excellent tool for Command Line Junkies. This utility allows to switch or change monitor resolution from the command line. All you need is to add this into your Windows Environment and Path variables and it will work like a charm. qres.exe /x:640       Changes resolution to 640 x 480. qres.exe /x 1280 /y 1024     Changes resolution to 1280 x ...

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Change to preferred monitor resolution automatically when you login

I prefer to work with a high resolution desktop which shows me less cluttered desktop but my wife would need a lower one so it doesn’t strain her eyes. Now what do you do ? Change resolution every time right ? Not sure why Windows doesn’t come out with an option which changes to preferred resolution every time but Carroll ...

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Windows 7 : Portrait display can make E book / Code reading easy

By default Monitor display is set to Landscape so we can have as many things ( wide view ). Windows 7 now comes with an inbuilt support to turn your display to portrait in case you decide to have a second monitor and use it vertical or use the laptop to read a long ebook or even for developers to ...

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Automatically change brightness of your monitor as Day passes

People who spend a lot of time before computer and specially those big and wide monitors face with one small problem. Have you ever noticed you feel like reduce the brightness of the monitor when its night ? Yes, Why ? The explanation is very simple. Day time there is so much of light that light from your monitor wouldn’t ...

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Want to change monitors resolution quickly ? Try Quick Res

In case you are tried of going through 3-4 steps to change your monitor resolution here is a quick remedy for Windows XP users. Quick Res is small tool which sites in your system tray and gives you shortcuts to change your monitors resolution quickly. Just right click and select resolution and frequency. Too bad its not supported for Vista ...

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