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Free Download Wheat Wallpaper Pack

Green Wheat and sky Free Wheat Wallpaper Pack

Here is a wallpaper pack which showcases 80 photos of Wheat grains; this pack has all the photos in high resolution (1920×1200). The collection is really amazing in sense that it has photos from several angles, and different phases of the wheat’s life cycle and fields, have a look at some of them. So, if you liked them, grab this ...

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Free Download Friendship Day Wallpapers

Wine Friendship Wallpaper

Friendship Day has arrived, I am sure you would have been really busy wishing Happy Friendship Day to all your friends, so here are some Friendship Day wallpapers. My favorite Friendship Wallpapers Download This Download This Download This Download This Download This Download This Download This Download This If you liked them go ahead, and download the ones you liked, ...

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Free Download a Pack of Car Wallpapers [40+ Wallpapers]

Free Download Car Wallpaper Pack Vintage Beauty

Here comes another Wallpaper Pack for Car Fans. This pack has 45 Car Wallpapers, and showcases the cars from some of the best cars manufacturers in the world, like Lexus, Mercedes, Lamborghini, etc. It also has some vintage car wallpapers. Have a look at some of the scaled versions of Wallpapers from this pack. All the wallpapers in this pack ...

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Free download 1700+ Nature Wallpaper Pack for HTC HD2

HTC HD2 Nature Wallpaper Pack Green Garden Wallpaper

Nature Wallpapers is probably the most popular category when it comes to the types of wallpapers, we have been posting about several Nature Wallpaper Packs, time to time. Here is another nature wallpaper pack, especially for the owners of HTC HD2, this pack has 1700+ beautiful wallpapers have a look at some of them. If you liked them, go ahead ...

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Download Inception Movie Theme and Wallpaper

Inception Breaking Buildings

Here is the list if High Resolution Wallpapers of the Inception movie featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Dileep Rao , Cillian Murphy , Tom Berenger , Marion Cotillard , Pete Postlethwaite , Michael Caine , Lukas Haas. Click on the images to download. Inception Theme for Windows 7 Inception Timeline or the Infographics Inception ...

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Free Download 175 Amazing Widescreen Wallpaper Pack

Road to hell Free Download Wallpaper

We have been posting the free download links for several types of Wallpapers, here is another Wallpaper Pack, which I found recently, this is a lovely pack of Wallpapers, which has 175 Wallpapers, and all these wallpapers are widescreen with resolutions like 1920×1200 and 2560×1600. As such these Wallpapers aren’t of any specific category; this pack is a mixture of ...

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Download Iron Man 2 Theme for Windows 7

Iron Man 2

This one is for lovers of Iron man movie. In case you havent seen it yet, catch the scenes of Iron Man 2 in 1920 x 1200  resolution wallpapers in the form of Windows 7 Theme. It includes pictures of Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mickey Rourke and Samuel L. Jackson. If you haven’t seen Iron ...

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Free Download 40+ Nature HD Wallpaper Pack

Purple extravaganza Nature Wallpaper

Nature Wallpapers are a great feast to eyes, I like them for that soothing effect they provide. Having Flower Wallpapers, National Geographic, Animal Wallpaper is a great idea, because they are definitely very soothing. In case you haven’t tried them as yet, here is a pack of 40+ nature HD wallpaper, and if you are already in love with nature ...

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Free Download Disney Wallpaper Pack [200+ Wallpapers]

Disneyland Characters have been a favorite to many of us, and they are not popular among the kids, grownups too love them, like Ashish.  So, if you too love these cute and funny looking characters, I am sure you would like to decorate your desktop with these Disney Wallpapers.  Have a look at the wallpapers (scaled versions).   All the ...

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Download Neon Wallpaper Pack [Free]


Neon Wallpapers are another awesome kind of wallpaper, and give a great flamboyant effect if you set them as a desktop background. Here is a pack of Neon Wallpapers, which has 45 wallpapers and all of them are in 1440×900 resolutions. You can see some of them below (scaled down versions). So, go ahead download this pack here, and illuminate ...

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Free Download National Geographic Wallpaper [ Pack 2 ]

National Geographic Wallpapers are one of the best choice to have as a desktop Wallpaper, they are often very high quality and vivid in colors. Here is another pack of National Geographic Wallpaper, have a look at the scaled versions of some wallpapers from this pack. All this wallpapers are in high resolution 1600×1200. Download this pack. You might be ...

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Free download : Amazing Psychedelic Wallpapers

Here is the new entrant in your free wallpaper download resources, a pack of Amazing Psychedelic Wallpapers; these wallpapers have vivid colors and bizarre patterns, and hence the name Psychedelic Wallpaper Pack. Here are some of the scaled versions of the wallpapers from this pack. These wallpapers vary in resolutions; some are 1920×1440 resolution, some in 2024×1768, also with 1600×1200 ...

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