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Free Valentine’s Day themes for Windows 7

Free Download Valentine's Day Theme for Windows 7

Microsoft keeps giving us free themes for every occasion, now as the festival of Love on February, Valentine’s Day is about to arrive and they have launched  free windows 7 themes for this occasion to express your love even more beautifully. Find the download link at the end. Roses Theme for Windows 7 : This should have come as the first ...

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Skin Packs for Windows 7: Angry Birds, Zune, Android and more

Free Download Angry Birds Skin Pack for Windows 7

It’s been long for most of since we started using the Windows 7, and hence it is pretty natural that many of us would like to have a change in the look and feel of our operating system now, isn’t it? So if you too are looking for a change, here are some Skin Packs which are damn easy to ...

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Skin Packs for Windows 7: iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8

Free Windows 8 Skin Pack installer for Windows 7 and Windows XP

If you are bored of the look of Windows 7 interface, or maybe you just want to spruce up your Windows 7 with a new look and feel, here is a collection of some skin packs for you. They will definitely allow you to have almost an all new look to your same operating system i.e. Windows 7. The Skin ...

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Download Official Captain America Windows 7 Movie Theme

Captain America Windows 7 Theme

If you do love Superhero stuff, Captain America has now got a Windows 7 Theme, official from Microsoft Themes Section.  The theme is definitely influenced by the movie., The First Avenger and displays different scenes of the movie in total of 8 High resolution wallpapers. If you ever think of changing theme but want to keep the wallpaper for your ...

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Add People Hub to Windows 7 ( Windows 8 Theme )

Facebook People Hub

MoaicWin8 is another Windows 8 Theme for Windows 7 which is very close to what Omnimo Theme provides but has one very unique feature. It brings the Windows Phone "People Hub" Feature on your desktop. This People Hub feature displays all the updates from your friends on Facebook.

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Anime Themes for Windows 7

Naruto Shippuden Windows 7 Theme

Anime characters, originated in Japan, are very popular when it comes to cartoons or wallpapers and today we have got a collection of Anime themes for Windows 7. As of now they include Manga, Akatsuki, Garra, Nanao, Nanami, Nanako, Nanae and Nana.

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Free Download Justin Bieber Never Say Never + 3 New Windows 7 Theme

Free Justin Bieber Never Say Never theme for Windows 7

Releasing new themes for Windows 7 seems to be an important agenda for the Microsoft, we often come to know about launch of new themes, in the same series, Microsoft has come with some new themes, here is the list of some new themes launched recently  – Justin Bieber: Never Say Never theme – Justin Bieber, the name says it ...

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5 New and probably unseen Windows 7 themes [Free Download]

free download Romantic Love Hearts Windows 7 Theme

Microsoft keeps launching new themes for Windows 7, we try to keep you updated on all of them with short reviews, here are some new themes released by Microsoft, and there is one theme which isn’t from the Microsoft, but is awesome and is worth a download and install. Here is the list, have a look – Best of Bing: ...

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Amazing Windows 7 Themes ( Free Download ) Part 2

Windows 7 iPad Theme

This is the second part of our huge collection of Windows 7 Themes and this time most of the themes listed below can change the Start or the Orb Button for you. It uses a small program,  Windows 7 Start Button Changer which you will need to use once you have applied the theme. Also make sure you do read ...

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Download Angry Birds Theme for Windows 7

Angry Birds Theme for Windows 7

If you are big time fan of Angry Birds like me, playing it for hours on your Deskotp or Mobile, Angry Birds Theme for Windows 7 is available. If you are not aware, Angry Birds is a shooting game where eggs of some awesome birds get stolen by Pigs and the are out to get them back. Coming back to theme,  it ...

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