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Bring back old style image viewing in Firefox (White Background)

Transparent Image in Firefox

In the latest version of Firefox, when you open an image, it is displayed with a dark background and centered which for many has turned into an awfully bad feature.  Though having a center aligned image is a great but dark background option is just not right for many reasons. Few Reasons why you want to remove it ? Dimensions ...

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Firefox Tabs response slow ? Suspend Background Tabs can help

Suspend Background Task

When you have too many tabs open in Firefox, its possible that overall browser experience is not smooth. There is a couple of reasons for that of which one is Background tasks. Just to clarify that background tasks are those which takes place at a certain interval of time and not always. So if you are downloading a file, it ...

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Hate the Facebook ticker? Hide it now [Browser Extensions]

Disable Hide Facebook news ticker Browser Extension

You must have seen the recently added ticker on the right side of your Facebook homepage which keeps showing you the updates and other activities from your friend in real time. In other words this ticker is like a real time feeds of the updates and activities from your friends. Now, by nature we generally oppose changes, as long as ...

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Create ePub Files from Feeds and Web Pages

Grabbing Feeds for Ebook

GrabMyBook is an excellent Firefox extension which converts any webpage or feed into ePub which you can later import into your eReader to continue with it at leisure.You can combine articles from different websites, add your own pages and edit the HTML if required.

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Firefox Add-ons for Searching Browsing History

History Search Form

Many a times it is necessary to look back at the history of where you have browsed either to retrieve forgotten website URL or for the accidentally closed tabs. What is even more important for many is to find out the sequence of websites that were visited. Below is the list of Extensions and Add-ons which will help you quickly access, search browsing history using complex queries or delete them when not required.

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Get Live Preview of Open Tabs in Firefox : Tab Scope

Google News Preview of Tabscope

Anytime you want to see whats one the second tab or if it has loaded completely or not you need to manually switch and many a times it does not meet your expectations.  So if you have ever wished to get Windows 7 Like live preview of open Windows Explorer or applications, Tab Scope for Firefox just does that.This Firefox ...

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The Nuke Switch to Restart Firefox with All Add-ons Disabled

Disable all Addons and Restart Firefox

Seems like with Firefox 4, you have an option to restart the browser with all Add-ons disabled with just one click.  Many a times users complain that Firefox is not working as intended and the first step anybody should take is disabling all the add-ons and see if your browser is working nice. Next step is to enable them one ...

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