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How to delete folders which refuse to delete

delete folders which refuse to delete

Sometimes folders on windows though deleted, still remain even if you had restarted it. However using command line file and folder removal tool you can delete these kind of folders. You will need to use the shortname file while deleting.

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File Name Copier makes saving file names easy to Notepad / Clipboard

File name Copier

If you have ever wished that all your thousands of file’s name can be just saved to a notepad like magic, your wish has just come true with File name Copier.  It allows you to copy the name and then immediately send it to one note which you can save immediately.  It makes you so lazy that it will even open the save ...

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Delete Files & Folders which refuses to : File Unlocker

Free File Unlocker

Many a times it happens that when you try to delete a file or a folder it fails and gives you all different kind of messages like Folder Does not exists, it is being used by some process, cannot be renamed and so on. This happens because of various reasons for example it is being used by another person, you ...

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Decide how each File Type should act with FileTypesMan

In Windows, a file type is mostly associated with certain program so when you want to edit, view or run it, it can call its program to do more appropriate actions. Now if you have a lot of file types on your computer and you really want to take control on how each file type and the action associated with ...

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Find files by Extensions for better file management

Extension Indexer

If you work with lot of different kind of files, finding them or sorting them by extension becomes a major necessity. Now one simple way of doing is using the powerful windows search i.e Creating Search Folders but if you are looking for a software based solution, Below is the list of software solution you would love to use. Extension Indexer ...

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Sync Dropbox with Amazon Cloud Drive

Scheduling with Amazon Cloud Drive

Gladinet with their recent update now supports Amazon Cloud Drive, the cloud storage service which was recently announced with 5 GB of free space and no limitation on bandwidth. Now with so many cloud services it becomes difficult managing data at every place. So what you need is sync. As of now Gladinet do not support sync with Dropbox but ...

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Merge Mutiple text files into one : TXTCollector

Merged Text Files

Many a times you have lot of text files with formats like csv or simple txt files which have less data but their numbers are huge. For example if you have log files which don’t have much of error logs inside but since they are generated every day their count keeps on increasing. TXT Collector is a free application which ...

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