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Play WorldCup Cricket on your BlackBerry

For all the Cricket Fan BlackBerry user, Synqua Games has released a Cricket App for BlackBerry where you can play the world cup  right on. This Game has listed down all the countries with WorldCup 2011 Cricket, You can make selection of players, choose order of batting and so on. The app is named as Ultimate Cricket ‘2011 World Cup ...

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#HashTag Auto complete coming to Twitter for BlackBerry

Twitter blackberry hashtag autocomplete

Twitter for BlackBerry beta version 1.1  now has an excellent feature which I and many of you must be waiting for. #hashtag auto complete !! Based on your previous used hash tags and popular hash tags on twitter, Twitter client will start suggesting as soon as you press #. If you are registered as beta user you can download it ...

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Download Free BlackBerry Chat for Facebook App

Facebook Chat on BlackBerry

Chat For Facebook, one of the most popular Blackberry app and is now free if chatting with Facebook friends if that is what you had missed till now. Chat For Facebook brings the minimal interface required for chatting unlike the traditional conversation box, so you can still see the chat in proper timeline but to send you need to open ...

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Play Dots on your Blackberry

Dots is one of the classic game which many of us must have played in our childhood. Remember those joining dots on paper to make the boxes ? Here check it out if u don’t: Now if u have blackberry mobile you can have this app free of cost and it can be played with computer or some body who ...

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Change BlackBerry LED colour when particular contacts call in

Change LED colour for specific contacts

If you are a BlackBerry user who keeps mobile phone always on Vibrate or Alert mode, Who Is it app can help you in finding  out who just called you by looking at the LED indicator. Very helpful when you are traveling in a bus and can only peep in your pocket to get a glimpse of your Mobile phone. ...

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QuickPull now lets you schedule BlackBerry Hard Reset

BB QuickPull 5

QuickPull for BlackBerry is a perfect application which lets you restart your BlackBerry ( Hard Reboot ) without pulling off your battery.  Recent update in BlackBerry World displayed it has a major upgrade from version 4 to 5 which includes UI changes and schedule rebooting of your blackberry. Below is the summary : Schedule Reboot with history and settings. Notification ...

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Add another tab to your BlackBerry Browser

BB Open Second Tab

BlackBerry devices coming with OS 6.0 have a web-kit browser inbuilt which supports multiple tabs for your Blackberry Mobile but mobiles which are still using OS 5.0 or less can use Second Tab BlackBerry Application to add just one more tab. This application adds a menu item “Open Second Tab” which initiates another instance of the browser and you go ...

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Manage Apps installed on your BlackBerry from WebStore

BlackBerry Webstore

Finally BlackBerry users have an alternate choice to manage all their apps installed on their smart phone using the WebStore using the same BlackBerry ID which they had used to install and upgrade apps. Whats the heck is a WebStore ? It’s the online version of BlackBerry Appworld which lets you install news apps, delete and keep the apps synced using a plugin ...

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Free BlackBerry app gives world’s most amazing and funny facts

World's most amazing facts on your Blackberry free

5001 Amazing Facts Free is a free app for BlackBerry devices, as the name says it simply lets you read and know 5000+ amazing and funny facts on your BlackBerry. If you really want to know what all it offers, it’s probably best described on the app page – “Did you know that 0.7% of the world population is drunk ...

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FedEx launches Blackberry and iPhone app to Track Shipments

FedEx Mobile

For all FedEx lovers using iPhone and BlackBerry now there is an official app for both devices which lets you track your shipment quickly. If you have a FedEx id you will not only be able to check the status of your shipments but also create shipping labels, find the nearest FedEx drop-box and  ship center or FedEx Office place. ...

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BlackBerry App to track CWG 2010

If you are stuck at home or work because of the heavy traffic of Commonwealth games traffic, Here is a Blackberry App from Zoomi, which lets you track events, medal lists, find schedules in CWG 2010 and almost anything in this event for fun, tourism, shopping, entertainment etc. Make sure you do have the CWG Suggested Route & Lanes Map ...

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