Sum Table values in OneNote like in Excel with Table Sum

If you use OneNote for calculating expenses, keeping track of incomes i.e. anything which uses summing up numbers, we know how irritating it is to sum all the columns at the end of the table we had created till now.  Table Sum Toy is an excellent add-on and is now updated to work with Office OneNote 2010 and it can do all those summing up simple maths for you.

How it Works ?

  • Select a Table which has those numerical for you and hit the Table Sum Addon.
  • Done that a new row is inserted at the end of the table which contains all the values of cells summed up for every column i.e. It automatically calculates the sum of every column in One Note Table
  • Special characters and non numeric which comes in between in case are skipped. So even if you have a very complex table with Lot of Alphabets, it will not fail you.

OneNote TableSum

Video Demo  :

What it does not do ?

  • It does not work on Multiple tables. So you can do this on only one table at a time.
  • Cannot calculate selected column values.

Download  | This is an old toy and used to work with Office 2007 and now updated to work with 2010. Thanks John Guin.

PS : In case your other tables are getting blank row when calculating for other tables, just make sure you have selected tables correctly