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Screen cast

Screen cast

We already have a nice idea of file sharing services, lately we have talked a lot about Dropbox, Box, and the comparison between them. is another file sharing service which is similar to Dropbox and No free version is available for but a 60 days trial version can be signed up.

Features of

  • Easy Storage – Storage structure is designed to organize the contents with ease.
  • Access Rights – You decide who is going to view the contents of folder, and also if he/she has rights to edit the contents.
  • Sharing URL and Embed Code – URL and embed codes are available for each file.
  • Access the stats on content – You can get the stats for each file, like how many times particular content has been viewed, or how much bandwidth is it consuming.
  • Playback in browser – Several formats are supported to have a playback in the browser without downloading.
  • Desktop Uploader – An uploader for files greater than 100 Mb in size is available.
  • Many ways to share – MediaRoll widget, RSS feed can also be used to share the content.

My Experience with

  • Interface is simple.
  • No restriction on file types to upload.
  • Access from anywhere.
  • Collaborations with anyone possible.
  • Editing the files online feature is not there.
  • Multiple files upload can be done.
  • Sharing via RSS and other widgets is pretty impressive.

So, now which service are you going to choose, Dropbox, Box or, I am with Dropbox, yet all of them have something special in it, Dropbox has automatic downloading on your HDD, Box has uploading via mail too, has awesome sharing methods. Share your thoughts.