Send Files up to 20GB (2GB max file size) in one go:

We have posted about 9 File Sending and Sharing services; here is another service on same lines, allows you to send files up to 2GB in size, and sending limit for every session is 20GB, i.e. you can send up to 10 files of 2GB each in one go.

The interface is damn simple to use, no registration or sign-up is required, it is totally free. Have a look at its interface.

sizable send up to 20 gb files with max file size 2gb in one go

As shown above, you will have to enter the email address of the recipient, along with your email address and a message. Later select files and hot the ‘Start Uploading’ button, as soon as the uploading is done, an email will be sent to the recipient that the person with following email address has sent you these files with the download link embedded in the email.

I tried but could not find any information about the life span of the download link, generally such services have a time limit after which the uploaded file is deleted from their servers, but no such information is seen on

I tested this service for small files up to few 30MBs and it worked pretty fine for me, the uploading process is quite fast and so is the email delivery to the recipient.

So if you are looking for nice free service to send large files, give it a shot, I am sure you search ends here.