Screenshot Extensions for Chrome Browser

Taking Screenshot of web pages  are always useful whether you want to save it as proof of what was there or need it to explain somebody what can be fixed there or to get help from somebody when you are filling up something because what you might be seeing is not what other may see.

So below are list of extensions which will help you take screenshot if your primary browser is Chrome. The common thing between all of them is how they let you take screenshot which is either by selecting an area, or complete webpage and then comes the later part which is different from everybody which differentiates the extensions from each other.

Quick Markup : [ From ]

  • The Screenshot opens up an editor where you get tools to mark it up using different tools like  Arrows, Text etc.
  • Also you can mark up sections in it and then add text to it which is useful for explanation purpose.
  • Comes with basic editing tool like Cropping, Eraser etc.
  • Office 2010 like Ribbon based menus
  • Allows you to Export as PNG, JPEG or upload to Facebook and Flickr like services.
  • It can also be saved at which can be again edited by somebody and sent back to you.
  • The only drawback is that this is one time, you cannot undo once you close the editor.
  • Download

Quick Markup Screenshot Chrome

Screencapture by Google :

  • If you do not trust any third part extension because of scare message of data access this is just for you as it is officially by Google.
  • You can configure it to save directly into a folder on your computer. Set up Auto Save so you can keep taking screenshots while it is getting saved.
  • Supports Shortcuts, make sure not to mix with any other.
  • Comes with two unique options Capture Screen Region which allows you to capture only what is visible but with Capture Page Region  you can use the scroll bar to navigate to any part of page and then mark an area to capture.
  • If Auto Save is off, it opens up with basic editor which allows you to highlight, blur, block etc. You can also share it directly to Picasa and Facebook.
  • Download

Google Screenshot

Webpage Screenshot :

  • Useful for websites where have a lot of text around the content of which you want to take screenshot.
  • Comes with an Edit Page mode which allows you to clean up all the extra things on any webpage and even change the date.
  • So this can be used for mocking up your version of the website or just make it bit cleaner before you take screenshot so the person who sees does not get confused.
  • What is missing is annotations but editing a webpage is a big plus here.
  • Read our detailed review here | Download

Webpage Screenshot

LightShot :

  • Allows you to take screenshot of Videos on YouTube, Flash and java Apps which many other tools turn into black.
  • As soon as you take screenshot you get quick options for Print, Upload, Edit, Share and Copy.
  • You can also do a quick search for similar images on Google and TinyEye

Lightshot Editor

  • Open it an Rich Image Editor which mimics Photoshop which allows all the possible annotations with layer support, filters etc. The Tool is hosted at

Lightshot Editor using Printscr

  • The only drawback is there is no support for Capture by Section or Full Page Capture.
  • Download

Aviary Screen Capture :

If you are a big fan of Aviary, This tool is must have for you on chrome. This extension extends all the Aviary Image Editing  features into chrome. So you can take screenshot and open it in Aviary Image markup, Advance Image Editor, Colour Editor and so on. Download

Aviary Chrome Screenshot Extension