Schedule Emails in Gmail to send Later [ Firefox and Chrome Extension]

Many times we come across a scenario when for some reason or other we compose an email, but somehow we don’t actually want them to be sent immediately, may be like you know that it’s the birthday of your close friend and you want to email him/her in order to wish ‘Happy Birthday’, but you know you won’t be able to do that as you will be busy with something else.

The Problem –

So, the problem is, at times we want to schedule and email to be sent at some point of time in future, i.e. you can compose and email message for someone right now which will be sent to the addressee later sometime.

The Solution –

Right Inbox is the solution, which comes in the form of Firefox add-on and Google Chrome Extension, summarily the solution comes in the form of a browser extension which once installed, will add a new feature to your Gmail, which allows scheduling emails to be sent in future.

How does this work ?

Go to the Right Inbox official page, install the extension for your respective browser and almost within no time you will be all set to start scheduling emails from your Gmail. Once installed, Right Inbox will ask you to allow it to access your Gmail, later try composing a new email message using the ‘Compose mail’ button in your Gmail. Here, you will see a new button above the recipient’s email address field, which reads ‘Send Later’, as shown below.

Schedule Emails in Gmail to send Later

You get option ready for schedules like ‘in 1 hour’, ‘in 2 hours’ etc. and this is not the end, you can schedule sending emails exactly at whatever time and date you want, to get this you need to click on the ‘at a specific time’ option, which will allow you to add any date and time, as shown below –

Schedule sending emails from Gmail for free


So, in this way, we can see that this nifty Firefox and Chrome extension allows you to schedule emails and that too in a very easy way for Free.

Exploiting Right Inbox for better productivity –

Now, lets us talk about how we can exploit this email scheduling mechanism for better productivity. One such scenario where you realize the need of such feature is the one we discussed earlier,  For sending  good wishes to your loved ones when you are really much occupied.

Another use of this browser extension is for people who keep forgetting important days, birthdays, anniversary etc. Take out the list of important days across the year, schedule the wishes in the form of emails and relax. So from now on, No more sorry messages for forgetting, the important days.

Also, if you don’t have a habit of using some organizer to remember your tasks, you can use it for that too, for example, you have to return a book to the library on Wednesday, you can schedule an email to be sent to yourself which will remind you of returning the book in the morning itself so that you don’t miss to carry it out along with you so that you can return it in time.

So, go ahead and use this extension the way you want, and enjoy this added feature in your Gmail now.


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