RK Launcher – Quick access the applications and utilities with ease

Accessing the applications and other utilities from a dock is a must have to many, and why not, after all the ability to launch several applications from desktop using a dock, definitely saves time, though its often heavy on resources, but that’s something which bothers a user with old system configurations, for the kind of systems and configurations being used these days, that is at all not an issue.

RK Launcher is small application, which allows you to launch several applications from the dock, you can place this bar like dock anywhere on your screen.

Can be customized

Has several options, which allow you to choose the way it looks, kind of animations, position, programs which you want to keep on it (additions and deletions both the operations are possible), rename these applications, choose the icons for them, decide the way they open when clicked to open from RK Launcher, precisely, everything to bring it up as per your taste and requirements.

Drag-out the application from dock to delete it, and to add a new application, simply drag-in the shortcut of desired program in the dock, right click on the dock item to customize it.

Right-click on the separator to get the settings and other options for RK Launcher.

RK Launcher Seperator

RK Launcher Seperator

Separators can be added, in order to group the kind of utilities and other applications together.

Rocket Launcher Settings

Rocket Launcher Settings

Settings can be chosen accordingly.

As said earlier, right clicking on separator allows you to access options, the language option here, is not working in the current version, clicking it doesn’t open or change anything, another option found here is ‘Add Docklet..’ which is not very clear to me, though while trying to understand this feature, I came across the .txt file, dragging and dropping the CD/DVD drive of your system, to Recycle Bin icon in dock, can will Eject it for you.

Rocket Launcher Docklet

Rocket Launcher Docklet

RK Launcher has two other features which are pretty nice –

  • It also works as a Taskbar for you, every minimized applications automatically gets placed to the RK Launcher.
  • Every new installation is also placed in RK Launcher, which is useful for people who have trouble searching their newly installed application

So, It’s a nice application to have, give it a try, moreover being in beta, you might find bugs in it, author of the s/w has provided his contact details, which you will get in the application folder, so contact him, and make RK Launcher better, after all we love free things.. don’t we?

Try RK Launcher