Quickly combine multiple images into one: Image Packer

Image Packer is an awesome app to combine multiple images into one. Using this utility you can combine several BMP, JPG, PNG, and TGA files into one image file in the desired layout and also Exports a single image (with any of the above formats) plus a coordinate file in XML format.

As such I never required any such utility, and I am not sure what could be the use of this (except creating some collage like image), but as per the Image Packer’s home page requirement for packing multiple images as one new image file could be  –

“Mostly for efficiency and organization. APIs such as OpenGL and DirectX require power of 2 textures. A group of non-power of 2 textures could be merged into a single power of 2 image to improve texture memory usage. It’s also handy when you have animations of a 2D sprite that you would like to keep in one file rather than have each animation frame as an individual file, which can hinder load times.”

Image Packer can be downloaded as a zip file and later unzipping it you get an exe file, this application doesn’t need any installation and is standalone. Once launched, Image Packer appears as shown below.

The grey colored area in above snapshot is the viewing pane, images added for combining can be seen here, in the right panel as shown above, you can add new images, delete them, and relocate them, also the layout can be chosen for the new image in this panel.

Now, as soon as the ‘Save’ button is clicked, it produces the image file and also the co-ordinate file in XML format, if required, you can unpack this image file to get the original images, using the XML file.

So, if you too need an application which can easily pack and unpack multiple images give Image Packer a try, hope you like it.

Download Image Packer