File Name Copier makes saving file names easy to Notepad / Clipboard

File name Copier

If you have ever wished that all your thousands of file’s name can be just saved to a notepad like magic, your wish has just come true with File name Copier.  It allows you to copy the name and then immediately send it to one note which you can save immediately.  It makes you so lazy that it will even open the save ...

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Google Music Player Shortcuts : And they are obvious

Google Music

Recently Google announced their Music Service, Google Music to available for everybody but only in US and since you will be stuck all the time with the online music player,  unless the API opens up for everybody,  Lifehacker was able to grab the snapshot of the player shortcuts which you can use to power manage your playlist and songs. Surprisingly it is way more ...

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Skype Promoting Group Video Calling with Birthday Wish App on Facebook

Happy Birthday Kadu via Skype

This is simply brilliant, Skype has an app page on Facebook, Say it with Skype,  which allows you to send Video Message to any of your friend on Facebook on his birthday.  Now this video is personalized as you sing along a birthday wish along with some songs available and then add a personalized not which is shown to him when the ...

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Scratchpad brings OneNote Like Sync to Google Docs

Scratchpad Chrome

One thing which  have always loved about OneNote is ability to sync between Web and Office Client installed on different machines. Since I use OneNote to put down all my to-do task, keep all links in one place it is really useful. Now for Google Docs users if somebody wants the same kind of functionality, one can use Scratchpad extension for ...

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Backup to Restore Office Product Activation to avoid reactivation

OPA Backup Steps

Every Microsoft product you have bought goes through an activation process which can be either online or offline. Even when you do it offline you need to call the customer support to get an installation id. Now imagine a scenario of a IT company where computers are restored from time to time or even re installed from ground up and calling on phone and activating ...

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Use Clamz to download MP3 from Amazon when everything else fails

Amazon Amz

Clamz is a command line tool which allows you to download your songs and albums in black and white screen ( or any of your favorite one’s ) in case you Amazon MP3 Downloader App is not supported for your platform or if you want to just download all the songs in batch using this in the backend. Though for ...

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Re-Sign multiple APK files with Test or Private or Your Own Keys

Signare Sign APK Files

If you are an Android Developer with tons of APK files that needs to resigned again with different key or need to replace the test keys with your private keys, doing it with the developer tool can take a lot of effort and time both. AndyHarney @ XDA-Forums has developed a tool which allows you to batch sign such APK files ...

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Batch Rename those Poorly Named APK files to their Actual names

If you have third party Apps on your Android Phone which are not named nicely and when go to find  that app and all you see is garbage name for example a Photo App named as PH_1_0_2.apk, its time to make those nuts into sometime that makes sense. Primetechv2 @ XDA-Forums has created a Batch file which can rename them ...

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Multi Platform Log Reader : Glogg

GloGG Log Reader

Logs are always a savior for an administrator when it comes to troubleshooting and finding the problems which never can be found when just look at those dumb error codes which flash here and there. Even then Log files aren’t as simple as kids story book that you can read through and figure out so unless you are smart enough to figure out what is where ...

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Track Folder Changes Live

Track Folder Changes

When you share a folder with friends or have an important folder which is being used by some other program which could be syncing or backing it up, many a times they mess up by accidentally a file. This is something you did not expect. So today we have another software in or Monitor Shared Files & Folders Tools and ...

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Delete Files & Folders which refuses to : File Unlocker

Free File Unlocker

Many a times it happens that when you try to delete a file or a folder it fails and gives you all different kind of messages like Folder Does not exists, it is being used by some process, cannot be renamed and so on. This happens because of various reasons for example it is being used by another person, you ...

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