Open the tabs from your last browsing session in Firefox only when you need it

If you are a Firefox fan, you might be aware of the feature in it, which allows you to load the tabs and windows from your last browsing session, i.e. enabling this feature allows you to open all the tabs which were open in your browser before you closed the Firefox.

I love this feature, but generally people don’t use this feature much, because, enabling it means loading all the tabs again, which people don’t prefer much. Here is a Firefox add-on which is provides you functionality which can be seen as an intermediate level of enabling and disabling the ‘When Firefox starts: Show my Windows and Tabs from last time’. storeTabs is a Firefox add-on, which allows you to store tabs, and show them later any point of time whenever you need it.

Once you have installed this add-on, you will have to right-click on the Firefox toolbar, select ‘Customize…’ later drag and drop the storeTab icon to your toolbar. Now whenever you have several set of tabs open in your Firefox, you can click on this storeTab button and backup the opened tabs using the ‘store tabs’ option.

Enable open tabs from last browsing session only when required

Once you have stored the tabs, you can re-launch the tabs whenever you feel like, you can open all the tabs even after a restart.

This add-on is definitely a great way of opening the tabs from last session only when you need it (provided you have a habit of storing the tabs, or if you can develop it). Though this add-on doesn’t suit me much, but I am sure it will be helpful for other people, however I wish if this add-on has the ability to store more than just one entry (say five), i.e. one could store five different sessions, or five different set of tabs, so that the user had a choice to open the desired set of tabs, what say? Let’s hope we see that too soon.

Install storeTabs for Firefox