Nokia introduces widget support for S60

Nokia has introduced “widget” support for S60. It will be the first mobile software platform that enables the creation of widgets using familiar standards-based Web technologies. Available to all S60 licensees, widget support enhances the Internet experience on a mobile by bringing a personal Web experience to a personal device.

Here are quick terms you should know first :

  • S60: Its a mobile software platform which act like an operating system to mobile phones.
  • Widget: This is a term for a placeholder name for an object which allows placing and removing things faster making things more flexible.

As the trend is moving more and more towards mobile specially on demand videos and internet surfing, there is a huge need of Web2.0 Style Web Browsing Experience on mobile phones.

So what you can do with Widget ?

Nokia widget s60

Many people have used desktop widgets which allow you to place small small tools wherever you want. The mobiles that come now are more static. We cant move things. Now what if something can allow you to change it as you change desktops? This is what is widgets about. They will allow you to customize your “mobile desktops”. This is what Nokia says about it

Widgets allow people to personalize Internet content into lightweight Web applications and stay current with the things that matter to them.While widgets have been available on PCs for some time, they bring particular advantages to mobile devices, as mobiles are highly personal and among the few items that we always carry with us.

New Web Run Time

S60 will also be integrated with Web Run Time which will allow integration with technologies like Ajax, Javascript, css and html. I am excited if they can out ajax everywhere on the phone :D which will make it faster .

Read The rest of the news on Nokia’s Press Release

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