Nokia’s Aeon – Touchscreen that stretches over the full surface of phone

Nokia has a new concept phone to feast our eyes on; the Aeon phone. The phone has a Touchscreen instead of a keypad; seems very delicate though. This phone has a new, fresh look and a very different approach from Nokia. The phone is slim, and that alone will make it very easy to carry around. As for the moment, the phone still remains a concept with no word from the company as to when they plan to release it.

Till then there will be more concept phones; now that trends are changing. We got to see the iPod phone which is still in the development stages. Let’s hope they actually make it to the markets before we done with the craze about it.


Nokias Aeon


Nokia’s research and development team have with an attractive “aeon” concept phone showing up in the R&D section of the company’s website. The most prominent design feature of aeon is a touchscreen that stretches over the full surface area of the phone, similar to BenQ-Siemens’s Black box concept phone we saw recently.

Currently mobile technology isn’t quite up to realizing this fantasy, but we’ll sleep better tonight knowing that at least one of the cellphone industry’s biggest names shares the same dream as we do — BenQ’s dream didn’t count, unfortunately.