Lenovo to Launch K4 Note Soon

After a huge success of K3 Note and A6000 (at least according to the number),  Lenovo is preparing for another launch and looking at the teaser it looks like K4 Note. While they have revealed much about it, looking at the cleverly crafted image you can see that its going to be a metallic phone ( at least the outer RIM), USB port at the bottom ( lets see if they adopt Type C), a camera in the rear with fingerprint sensor.

Lenovo K4 Note

When Lenovo Launched K3 Note, it has had just the right pricing to draw much attention which we could see in our videos, and kind of questions a lot of you had. Though we were not much impressed with the hardware, and its performance. Its been almost 6 months now, and we should see the announcement soon.

We will be keeping an eye, and share our review when the device gets into the market. I really want to see how much improvement, and difference Lenovo is going to make with K4 Note, or its going to be just an hardware bump.