How to Import Gmail Messages into Outlook.Com Account

If you are already tempted with the awesome features of, It is possible that you can move all your emails from the Gmail Inbox, Archive etc and export into Account using the POP feature in Gmail. It is possible that this feature might not be enabled by default and you will need to enable it. Below are the steps you need to follow :

  • Enable POP in Gmail
  • Add Email Account into Outlook
  • Decide what to do next.

Enabling POP in Gmail :

Since we need to export the Gmail Messages out, POP forms our gateway which can not only be used for Outlook for any email server or even clients like Office Outlook.

  • Go to Gmail and Login.
  • Go to Gmail Settings > Forwarding & POP / IMAP
  • Enable it if its not and make sure to choose “Enable POP for all mail (even mail that’s already been downloaded)”

Gmail POP Download

Make sure to keep a copy into your Gmail account and not to choose Delete. You may choose marked as read or archive if you wish. This will be handy if you ever wish to keep your emails or revert back using Gmail.

Add Email Account into Outlook :

Now since our setup is ready to export out, lets setup Outlook to communicate with Gmail and download all the emails using POP Settings.

  • Login to the Outlook Account and go to Mail Settings
  • Select Sending/receiving email from other accounts. This page lists all the email account you will or have configured with Outlook.
  • Click on Add an Email Account and Choose Advance Settings on the page.
  • The only setting which will be unknown for you here will be the Server Address for POP3 which should be

Outlook Gmail POP Settings in Outlook

Once done this, you will start receive all emails from Gmail into Outlook and will be able to reply to those email as if you where replying from your Gmail Account.

In case you are using 2 Step verification for Gmail, You will have to create application specific password to do this. You will not need to use Google Authenticator here.

What you should do after this ?

  • Do not Delete Gmail Account :  It doesn’t hurt of you have the account kept idle. Since for sometime you will be receiving email and even sometimes for providing authentic proof you might need it.
  • Do Not Delete Emails : Again the same point but very specific, keep it as is.
  • Make sure to enable Gmail 2 Step Verification. This is useful and important as you will be logging into that account very often from the web. Its better to secure it.