How to find and batch delete empty folders on your system

There are so many reasons due to which we end up having several empty folders on our Windows systems, sometimes you create a folder for something specific and forget to copy the files in it, at times you uninstall a program from your system and the program is uninstalled but leaves behind an empty folder, and so on. Keeping empty folders on your system probably won’t harm you in anyway, but this can be irritating at times, viewing a drive or folder which has loads of folders in it and several of these folders are empty, such scenario doesn’t only make it look messy but also makes it tough to manage.

If you want to get rid of empty folders here is a free utility, named as FMS Empty Folder Remover. This is an awesome way to get rid empty folders, this tool shows you the empty folders, and later you can batch delete them.

The setup file for this utility is small and once installed you can easily use it to find and delete the Empty Folders, the interface too is damn simple, simply use the ‘Open Folder’ button, and it will automatically check the folder for any Empty folders within, and show you the list.

How to find and batch delete empty folders on your system

Once you get the complete list, you can use the check box adjacent to every folder in the list, to select or deselect them for deletion. Once done with this use the large ‘Delete Checked From Disk’.

Here is a small video which will show you the working of this utility.

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FMS Empty Folder Remover effectively does what it claims to do; I tried this utility and found it to be efficient enough to make an entry into the list of must have Tools and Utility for the Windows user.

Go ahead and give it a try, and share your views about it with us.

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