How to completely remove printer driver from Windows 7

Sometimes when you install or update printer driver it does not work properly for some reason and the only way is to remove the printer driver which was installed before and install fresh. To do that there are one or two ways, depending on which works for you nicely.

Now before I get into details of it lets us understand one thing. Windows 7 gives you a straight option to delete a printer by just selecting and choose Remove printer when you right click. Though it removes the printer from the list but the drives stay back. Though I really wish that a option was given to me that helped me in removing the driver also but that’s not that case.

Instructions to remove Printer driver from Windows 7 :

Using Uninstall Program :

  • Open Control Panel > Programs and Features.
  • This place lists down all the programs installed in your computer.
  • Now if you know your printer name, type in the name in the search box on top right.
  • If you find that in the list, select and uninstall with a right click.

Using MMC ( Microsoft Management Console ) :

Though the first method works for every version of Windows but in case you cannot find your driver in the list, MMC is the only option you are left with.To use this option your account should be an admin account. In case your account is not take help of someone.This tool can also be used to create a customized control panel where you can choose which control panel item should be available. Learn How.

  • Type MMC in Windows Start Menu. You should see mmc.exe listed. Click to launch.
  • Choose File > Add / Remove Snap-in.
  • Select Printer Management from left and click on Add.

MMC to Add Printer Management

  • As soon as you click on Add, a pop-up window will open. Here you get option to add printer servers but for this situation just click on Add the Local Server.

Add Local Print Server to MMC

  • You should now see your computer name listed under Print Servers. Click on Finish to complete.
  • You will also see the Printer Management Item listed on the right hand pane. Now click on OK.
  • Now back to MMC Console, Expand the Print Management Tree on left and go to Printer Servers > Your Computer Name > Drivers.
  • Here you will see all the drivers listed.
  • To remove any of the driver, select, right click and delete.

Removing Printer Driver from MMCOnce done this, your driver is completely removed. You might like to reboot your computer once to make sure. As it is a good idea to come and check back here if the printer driver is removed or not, click on File and save it. When you login to your computer again, double-click to open and confirm.

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