How brain wave reading technology can change gaming ?

Engineers at NeuroSky Inc. have invented a prototype toy that incorporates “Brain Wave Reading” , that can change the way of gaming and make it more realistic. A small device similar to EEG for brain can be placed just over the forehead of the player. Every time the user is concentrating it sends the feedback to wireless receiver. It can light up a device to red when the user concentrates and off when the user is distracted. This could be a beneficial feedback to many online “war” kind of games where the users concentration is the key factor.

To start with , Video games can be the best place to experiment with it. There are many games such as virtual reality games or strategic games where user needs to concentrate a lot. With this kind of feedback they can make games turning into more reality.It can even give virtual reality gamers power to control gamers with just thoughts. Thats what is different.

How Brain Wave Technology Woks?

NeuroSky’s prototype measures a person’s baseline brain-wave activity, that includes signals related to concentration, relaxation and others. remember these are the key factors which is used even in real life. Now the prototype categorizes them and give points to each. Summing up will give what is the state of mind of the user. Thus it can be found how the user reacts to different situations while playing the games. This type of reading is termed as biofeedback.

How brain wave reading can be made useful ?

  • It can be incorporated in games and feedback can be given to the users live. This can help gamers to increase their concentration and analyze the performance.
  • This can be used as to increase the concentration by training slowly. If you can do it in the game this might be helpful in real life. too.

How brain wave reading better than current technology ?

  • It does not uses gel like other EEG machines.
  • Its cheaper .
  • Can be used by physicians while talking to patients.

Thinking on it. If they can launch devices which are wearable on head or something, it can as hot as selling ipods.

What do you think on it ? Do you think we can improve our concentration by Brain Wave reading ? Share in the comments ?