Get 3000 minutes of free calling to US and Canada with ooVoo

ooVoo is an awesome messenger, with all the basic features and some special features as well, like, from video calls with up to six people at once to video messaging to chat and file transfer capabilities. If you download and create an account now, you can get 3000 minutes of free calling to US and Canada on land line numbers or mobile phones.

Feature of ooVoo

  • Video Chats – face-to-face conversation and you can chat simultaneously with up to six people.
  • Record Video Chats – Video chats can be recorded too.

oovoo recording video audio chat

  • Video Messages – Video messages can be sent to a friend or even to a group.
  • Video Effects – Add effects to your videos while on video chats.
  • Make Phone calls – Make phone calls from ooVoo, get 3000 minutes free for 30 days to USA or Canada.

  • Text chat – Like any other messenger, text chat feature is there.
  • Send Files – This feature is also similar to all other messengers.
  • ooVoo me link – Build your blog or MySpace page to life with an ooVoo link.

My Experience with ooVoo

  • User interface is simple to use and has a very cool look.
  • Is pretty light on resources.
  • Has its own phonebook, so searching the names is simple.
  • Sound quality is pretty good.
  • However a bug was observed by us in the software, while trying to login if u type in your actual password along with any special characters, sign in is still done, even while account creation if you add some special characters, they will not be accepted and the password delivered to you will not be containing those characters.

So download ooVoo now and enjoy the free calling as well as several above stated features.