Free Ebook : A gift made out of an year experience

This Blog is going to complete its journey of an year soon. On the eve of this I want to share a free e-book ( which you can download ) with all of you.

What is this book about ?

This e-book is a guide which tells you how to write an out of the box technical article. Descriptive and straight through the point.

What are the points covered ?

A) Understand the technology first
B) Have a quick line before you start
C) Don’t Write too Geeky unless….
D) Validate your article
E) Upgrade your articles with latest changes
F) Be Innovative and Be Live
G) Take Ideas from Magazines and News Papers and Media Sources
H) Give a summary or a conclusion at the end

Is this restricted to Technical Articles ?

Practically and Theoretically No only if you understand the essence. Its all about writing and how to get attention and target your readers. Just capture the concept and thing from your point of view. You will know what I mean when you read it.

Why am I giving it free ?

I don’t think there is anything that I should charge. I want to share my experience with you. So if you are new in blogging field it can be a definite help. If you are an experienced person I am sure you can pick up some or may be enhance it. Its always helpful and there is always something you can learn from a book.

What do I want in return ?

Nothing, Honestly.No link backs unless you want to give it. I would just ask everybody to tell about this to everybody. Email them, give them direct link. If you find the link broken… me and I will mail you personally.

Am I lying ?

Well Partially…I want something and That’s YOUR FEEDBACK, CORRECTION and NEGETIVE COMMENTS. :). Nothing is prefect and there is always something to learn.

Ok Where Can I get it ?

Download Tips on writing an article.PDF – writing,tips,technology