Free Download Transparent Windows 7 Themes

These windows 7 themes lists some of the best transparent theme for Windows 7. When I say transparent I mean you can see through menus,taskbar and tray icons. You will feel Windows 7 made of glass with fine borders and edges.

Clear White Theme for Windows 7

Absolutely no edges and it uses of a combination of a bit dark background with lighter one which makes every thing clear but still transparent. The best part of this theme is that is very clear.

Clear White Theme


Lucid theme for Windows 7

Lucid Theme for Windows 7


Shine 2 Theme for Windows 7

Probably the best of all Windows 7 Clear theme because it combines the beauty of colour and transparency into one. Specially the buttons and borders are well done.

Shine Theme for Windows 7


Black Transparent Theme for Windows 7

Need a transparent theme but cannot stay away from the love of Black Themes then this is what you need. This combines the combination of black shades with transparency mixed so you still feel good.

Black transparent theme Windows 7


EzloPorto Theme for Windows 7 ( Brown and transparent )

Brown transparent Theme for Windows 7


Wishful Dream Theme for Windows 7

This theme comes in Green, Blue, And Dark green colors. All of them mix well with the Windows and edges. What is unique about this theme is that both dark and light wallpapers go well with the theme.

Wishful Dream Windows 7 Theme