Always Open Websites in Private / Incognito mode in Chrome

For any specific reason if you need to open it in Incognito Mode i.e. Not traced Off from history list, the only way to do it as of now is to launch the browser in Private mode and surf around but then it becomes tricky to switch.

Ghost Incognito extension for Chrome brings you this option on the run i.e. if you want to open a link directly into Incognito mode you can do it or if you want a certain domain to always open in Incognito mode you have the option for that.

  •  For links you want to open in private mode, just right click and select option “Open in Incognito Mode”
  • To force for all the links of the website , hit the Ghost Icon and it will be added to the list. You can test by typing directly into your address bar or just click on the link of that domain and both the times you will be forced to open in the private mode.
Force Private ModeBorwsing for Domains

So now before you start using it, the first step you should do is allow the extension to run in private mode. This can be done by going to Options > Extensions > Right under the extension you should see a check box which says “Allow in Incognito”.  The advantage of this is you will be able to remove any of the domain  from this mode.

Allow Extension to run in Incognito Mode


Remove Domains is bit tricky, you need to first go to that domain and then hit the ghost icon again to remove from the list. The reason is that it never gives list of domains you had set to open in private mode so nobody else is able to figure the list and only you would know it.

Removing Domains from Private ModeBy default it blocks all *.XXX domains but if you want to know how websites behave when in private mode, specially if you are a developer, this is a very useful extension from that point of view.