Find apps for your phone while you browse [Chrome Extension]

Computers, internet, and now smartphones and tablets have become the part of almost everybody’s life. There are several types of mobile OS in the market these days and so is the list of mobile phone apps, which keeps on increasing with every passing day.  No doubt, people use different methods to search for a specific app for their phones, some simply go to the app store link and hunt for the app they need, others prefer searching directly using the search engines. Here is another way of searching and finding the apps, this way is quite stylish however it is actually a variant of the second method, i.e. searching for the app in the search engine.

This post talks about a browser Extension for Google Chrome, this extension once installed keeps showing you the apps relevant to your query in any search engine (Bing, Google, etc.). Simply install iFind in your Chrome and enjoy the seamless search for any app, once installed, whenever you are searching for something in your favorite search engine, iFind will show you the iPhone, Android and iPod apps relevant to the keyword and these apps will be displayed in a panel on the right side of the Search Engine Result Page. Have a look at the snapshot below.

Find the best apps for your phone while you browse

In the same way you can get the list of apps while you search in Google and Yahoo as well. However if you are searching in Google in that case you need to be signed in to get the results from iFind, and for some reason it didn’t work for me while searching in Yahoo.

Find the best apps for your phone while you browse Google

iFind doesn’t only show you the relevant apps, in fact you can visit to the app page in the market or app store just by clicking on the app icon in right panel, also you can see a short intro to the app just by hovering your mouse pointer on the app icon.

Also, you can customize iFind for two things, firstly you can choose that for which search engines will iFind show the app list in right panel, this can be decided under the ‘Websites’ tab, and secondly you can decide on the operating system or device for which the apps will be displayed, like for Android, for iPad or iPod, or all of them, this can be customized under the ‘Search Results’ tab.

Find the best apps for your phone while you browse settings

The settings for iFind shown above can be accessed directly by clicking on the magnifying glass icon adjacent to the settings icon in Chrome.

So, go ahead and try this Extension, and do share your views about it with us, also see if it works for you in case of Yahoo as well, and share with us in comments.

Install iFind in Chrome