ByPass UAC by always launching programs with trust

UAC or User Account Control is an inbuilt security system which pops up into action whenever a program windows determines cannot be trusted to grant a complete or partial access. This is necessary to keep your computer and data secure but what becomes annoying is even though you know that program is trusted you are asked for it.

Now UAC can be controlled by bring the level down, so aren’t asked all the time, but it affects globally. Instead this program called as UAC Trust Shortcut is handy when you want to run known programs under UAC Trust  which means no more pops for granting permission.

UAC Trust Shortcut

This program creates a shortcut of the programs you want to launch with trust and you should always use that shortcut because it will contain the trust factor along with it.  Make sure you give the proper path of the program as full access will be given.  Download it from here