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Free and Fast PDF and Comic reader app for iPad

Accessing the Library with free Comic and PDF reader app for iPad Bookman

‘Bookman’ is a free iPad app, which allows you to enjoy reading PDF files and Comics on your iPad. You can easily read PDF files, and supports the popular CBR/RAR comic archive formats. Here is the feature list for Bookman – Fast rendering engine with smart loading system. Supports large PDF over 100MB. Supports the popular CBR/RAR/CBZ/ZIP comic archive formats. ...

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Kisses to detect and remove Spyware on your BlackBerry

Kisses detects a Spyware on your BlackBerry

Spyware is a very common issue in case of smartphones, there are several free and paid programs available to detect and secure your smartphones against Spywares. Here is a BlackBerry app known as ‘Kisses’. ‘Kisses’ helps you by detecting and revealing the Spyware programs installed on your BlackBerry, and later helps you to remove this programs safely. Also it helps ...

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Free Download Windows 7 Gadgets to display disk activity, space etc.

Windows 7 Gadgets to display Disk Activity, Disk Space and a CPU Monitor

Here is a list of three gadgets for your Windows 7 PC, these gadgets display the Disk Activity and Disk space available on your local disks (including the CD/DVD), and a CPU / Memory meter. Have a look at the snapshots of the all three gadgets. CPU / Memory meter displays the information like status of battery, RAM, etc. Disk ...

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Free Download Wheat Wallpaper Pack

Green Wheat and sky Free Wheat Wallpaper Pack

Here is a wallpaper pack which showcases 80 photos of Wheat grains; this pack has all the photos in high resolution (1920×1200). The collection is really amazing in sense that it has photos from several angles, and different phases of the wheat’s life cycle and fields, have a look at some of them. So, if you liked them, grab this ...

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Add your photos on billboard, car, film strip, Rubik’s Cube etc.

Add your Photos on TV, Cars, Scenic Views, billboards etc.

Looks like the number of online services which allow you to play around with your photos, by adding your photo on several objects like, billboards, TV, Celebrity T-shirt, superhero’s body etc. is growing every day. Here is another service on same lines; this too has several effects (presets) available like other counterparts, and name of this service is You ...

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All-round weather report for any Location – AniWeather

Comprehensive Weather report for today and next 5 days with AniWeather Firefox and Chrome add-on

If you are interested in getting a detailed weather report for your location, there are several ways to do it; here is a simple way to get an all-round weather report, for any location. AniWeather is a Google Chrome extension, which can be used to get full details, i.e. temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc. for any location instantaneously. When installed ...

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Add a Button on windows Title bar to take instant Snapshots

Add a button on Windows Title bar to take screenshots snapshots

Schirmfoto is a nifty utility to take snapshots in Windows operating system, and the uniqueness of this screen capture tool lies in the fact that it adds a small snapshot button adjacent to the minimize button on any open window on your system, have  a look at the snapshot below, which shows the Schirmfoto button on the Windows title bar. ...

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Clip and share parts of any webpage on the fly

Clip and share specific parts from a webpage

It often happens that you want to share some selective content from a webpage, in such case simply copying the URL and sharing it doesn’t serve our purpose well. We do have some tools which help us in posting only the specific content from the page, in the same series; here is a tool, named as Memonic. In order to ...

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Simple tool to Cut Mp3 Songs and create Mp3 Ringtones

Cut Mp3 files online with Cut Mp3 Online

If you are hunting for a very simple and easy to use tool which can help you to cut Mp3 files, in order to create some amazing ringtones, or may be for any other purpose. ‘Cut Mp3 Online’ is a nifty online tool, when on the Cut Mp3 Online page, you will have to click on the ‘Open Mp3’ button, ...

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Uploading your Photos online? Beware

Sample Exif Data

Uploading personal photos online is a very common activity we all do at some point of time. Well, while uploading or sharing your photos on a platform where anyone can have a look at your photos, have you ever thought that unknowingly you are doing much more than just a simple photo sharing, you are actually also disclosing personal information ...

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