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Get Cosmopolitan’s Love tips from iPad / iPhone App

Lovemaking and Sex positions tips on iPhone iPad and iPod touch

If you love reading Cosmopolitan magazine or the online subscription, here is an app which gives you daily love making tips. This app is created with the sole aim to help you spice up your life. It works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Though Cosmopolitan is more women oriented magazine but its enjoyed by both the genders. Feature list ...

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BFF, Defriend, TTYL etc. are the new entrants in Oxford American Dictionary

Internet Lingo and Slang enter the Oxford Dictionary

We heard it when Twitter entered the Collins English Dictionary, new words; slangs etc. keep entering the dictionaries across the globe, every year. In the same series a couple of new words, especially the internet and chat lingo, have been included in the Oxford Dictionary, reports CNN Tech,  here is the partial list of the entrants from this series, have ...

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How to delete a 0Kb file from your Windows 7 desktop

Delete, Rename or Move a locked windows file Options provided by unlocker

It recently happened with me, a friend was using my laptop, and he downloaded some torrent files on it, later when I tried deleting them, all were gone, except one, and making an attempt to delete, rename, move, were in vain, I couldn’t perform any, nothing worked, finally the help came from Kuntal Gupta of Extreme Tech Arena, Thanks Kuntal ...

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Your chance to befriend a Tree on Facebook, it Tweets too

A Tree Which Tweets, befriend it on Facebook

Everything that you read as the title is all correct, no joke, no exaggeration, yes, there is a Tree on this planet, which has its own Facebook profile and Twitter handle, it updates status, upload photos, and much more. To understand what it actually is, here is the excerpt from the page ‘Talking Tree – Making of’ “Everybody has an ...

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Free & Advance Batch Watermark and Resize Photo Software

Free software to watermark your photos full featured

Watermarking your images/photos can be very useful at times; it saves your creation from theft, as well as works as a signature for you. There are several ways and several applications, online tools etc. to watermark your photos easily. Here is another tool, a desktop application, which is free for personal use, and is really awesome in terms of the ...

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Convert up to 50 Mb files online for Free

Select the desired file format online media file converter tool Fileminx

Online File conversion tools are great way of converting files from one format to another, no installations, nothing, simply open the tool in browser, upload the file, choose the converter, and later download the file in desired format. Fileminx is an online tool, which allows you to make online file conversions of media files. Using Fileminx, you can easily convert ...

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Most popular Media Player VLC comes to iPad [Free Download]

Most popular Media Player VLC comes to iPad

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media players; the ability of VLC Media Player to play most multimedia files and various streaming protocols is probably the most important reason behind this popularity. VLC is now available for iPad. Here is a snapshot of the VLC Media Player on iPad. VLC comes built-in with all the required codecs, ...

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Free Download Country Themes for Windows 7

Free Windows 7 China Theme

Ok, so here are some more themes for the Windows 7 free Theme Lovers community, get ready to download some more themes. Here are the themes, which showcase the wallpapers of the landscapes, buildings etc. from a particular country, there are several Country based themes available for Windows 7. Below is a list of Themes from China, Australia, South Africa, ...

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Send interactive messages in Bubbly Google logo style

Send Bubbly messages in Bouncing ball style

Remember the Google logo on Google UK page a couple of days ago? Google was written using bouncing balls, which hated the mouse cursor, and scattered if the mouse cursor was moved to it. Here is an online tool, named as Dotty-dots, which can be used to create same type of messages, you can enter a message and hit enter ...

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Replace a celebrity face with yours, get hillarious mashups

Free iPhone iPod Touch and iPad app to place your face on a celebrity pic

Celebrity Mashup from Replace your Face is a Free iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app, which can be downloaded to create some damn hilarious photos. What is actually does is it allows you to replace a face on a Celebrity pic, from your own i.e. you can put your face on a celebrity pic and remove the actual face from ...

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Windows 7 Language Pack not available for you? Try LIPs

Hindi Language Pack For Windows 7 32-bit

Windows 7 Language Packs are great way to get the Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprise Interface in your preferred Language. However, there are only 34 Language Packs available as of now for Windows 7, and if the language in which you want your interface isn’t available in the list, don’t worry, keep your hopes high and alive, Language ...

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Install Windows 7 Language Pack to access Windows in your Language

Free Download Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate Language Packs

If you want to enable some other language (other than English) for the interface in Windows, e.g. you want to access Windows in Greek Language, or may be in Danish, Estonian, Polish, Russian, etc.  In such case, you will have to install the Language Pack, i.e. install the Official Russian Language Pack, developed by Microsoft, for Windows 7 Ultimate or ...

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