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Free Android app guides you back to your Parked Car

Get back to your car or any location with free android application

This is something very common, probably we all have had a really tough time searching for our car or bike, as we parked it somewhere and forgot, or may be the area you are in isn’t very well known to you, you parked your car somewhere and went for shopping, meeting or whatever, and when you return you simply don’t ...

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Free download 40+ Dog Wallpapers in one Pack

Free Download Dogs Wallpaper Pack Yawning Beast

Puppies and Dogs are probably the most popular pets across the world, if you too love dogs; here is an awesome wallpaper pack for you. This wallpaper has 40+ dog wallpapers. These wallpapers are in several different resolutions, mostly 1024×768. Have a look at some of them below – If you liked them, go ahead and free download this Dog ...

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How to Fix Failed to Open Image issue while setting Wallpaper [Android]

How to Fix ‘Failed to Open Image’ issue while setting Wallpaper [Android]

This looks like a very common problem in case of Android phones, after using the same images again and again as your wallpaper, it happens that when you want to select a particular image as wallpaper, it fails to load the image, and displays a message saying ‘Failed to open Image’. However as far as simply viewing the image part ...

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Free Download 33,000 EBooks to read on PC, iPad, Kindle, Android, etc.

Free download 30,000 ebooks legally

Project Gutenberg is an awesome resource for the EBook lovers, it has around 33000 EBooks, which are available for free download, and they are all legal. This is what the homepage of the Project Gutenberg says – “Our ebooks are free in the United States because their copyright has expired. They may not be free of copyright in other countries. ...

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Ultimate body fitness app for Android [Free]

Free Body Fitness application for Android

Body Fitness is a free application for Android Platform devices. It can be seen as a virtual trainer, which can guide you through everything related to your fitness, right from the workout sessions to diet plans etc. Once you have this application installed on your Android device, launch it to get the home screen for the application, which has ‘Exercise ...

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Password protect almost anything on your Android Phone

Free Application to Password Protect anything on your Android Smartphone

We all want to restrict the access of the several types of data stored on our phone, how about an arrangement which can be exploited to password protect almost everything (every application) on your phone, sounds good, isn’t it? ‘Lock’ is a free application for Android platform; ‘Lock’ allows you to password protect almost any application on your Android Smartphone ...

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Free Android Christmas Ringtones has 40+ ringtones

Christmas is about to arrive, and people are busy making plans for the festival, apart from preparations we love to spruce up our computers and phones as well with wallpapers, themes, and ringtones etc. Here is a free app for your Android phone, named as Free Android Christmas Ringtones, which has 40+ free ringtones. Have a look at the animation ...

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Spruce up the Facebook login page with your favorite image

Change the look of Facebook login page with Chrome extension

If you have got bored seeing that typical Facebook login page, and want to change it somehow, here is an opportunity to do so. This can be done using a Chrome extension, named as Facebook Refresh that means you can change the Facebook login page only in Chrome not in other browsers. Simply install the Facebook Refresh in your Google ...

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Free Download a Pack of 30 iPad Wallpapers

Free iPad Wallpaper Pack Alice - Red Queen

If you are an iPad owner and looking for some awesome wallpapers, here is a pack of iPad wallpapers which has 30 wallpapers in it. The resolution of the wallpapers is 1024×1024, almost all the wallpapers in this pack are abstract types. Here are some of the scaled versions of the wallpapers from this pack, have a look – If ...

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Free application to count the number of left and right mouse clicks

Free application counts the total number of left and right mouse clicks individually

Here is a free application, Mouse Clickr, which counts the number of mouse clicks, i.e. once launched; this tiny application keeps track of total left and right mouse clicks. Mouse Clickr has a very simple interface, just run the Mouse Clickr.exe found in the downloaded rar file, and starts counting the clicks. Have a look at this animation below – ...

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Free Android app gives you access to 23,000+ Great Quotes

23,000 Great Quotes Free Android app

I love reading quotes and posting them as Facebook updates, recently I got this free app for Android, named as 23,000 GREAT QUOTES. I immediately downloaded it to my phone. It has a dead simple interface. Simple forward and backward arrows are there to see the next and previous quote. It also has a ‘More’ button, which allows you to ...

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How to take screenshots & record video of Android Phones

Taking the Screenshot of Android Phone on Windows PC

As stated earlier as well, I recently got a Motorola Milestone, an Android based smartphone from Motorola. I wasn’t aware of the fact that there is no direct app to get the screenshots on this device, rather I should say on any Android based phone. After checking out few forums and help from Kuntal who himself is an Android Fan, ...

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