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Schedule Emails in Gmail to send Later [ Firefox and Chrome Extension]

Many times we come across a scenario when for some reason or other we compose an email, but somehow we don’t actually want them to be sent immediately, may be like you know that it’s the birthday of your close friend and you want to email him/her in order to wish ‘Happy Birthday’, but you know you won’t be able ...

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Control Privacy and Data usage on Android Phones

Prevent apps from accessing your Location and or the Internet Connection

If you are an Android user, you might be using so many apps downloaded from the official Android Market or from any other trusted sources. The apps which we keep downloading often access our location and the internet, sometimes the user is aware of this i.e. at times a user knows that certain app is accessing his/her location or internet ...

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Find apps for your phone while you browse [Chrome Extension]

Find the best apps for your phone while you browse settings

Computers, internet, and now smartphones and tablets have become the part of almost everybody’s life. There are several types of mobile OS in the market these days and so is the list of mobile phone apps, which keeps on increasing with every passing day.  No doubt, people use different methods to search for a specific app for their phones, some ...

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Free Valentine’s Day themes for Windows 7

Free Download Valentine's Day Theme for Windows 7

Microsoft keeps giving us free themes for every occasion, now as the festival of Love on February, Valentine’s Day is about to arrive and they have launched  free windows 7 themes for this occasion to express your love even more beautifully. Find the download link at the end. Roses Theme for Windows 7 : This should have come as the first ...

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Video : Two Way Sync Android SD Card with Dropbox

Free Android app to sync a folder on SD Card with a Dropbox folder

We all are well aware of the Dropbox, and if you are a Dropbox user, I am sure you are already using the Desktop Client and probably the Dropbox app for your respective Smartphone as well. Using the Desktop Client for Dropbox makes it damn convenient for the user to share the files using the Dropbox service. The Problem – ...

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Record a message to be posted on your Facebook profile after your death

Upload a video message to be posted after your death on your Facebook profile

Facebook is becoming more and more popular every day, developers all across the globe keep on developing several Facebook apps. You might have seen several Facebook apps but this one which I came across recently is little different. Let us have a look at what this app is all about. This app actually is related to a bitter truth we ...

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Best desktop app to perform onscreen OCR [Works offline and Free for limited time]

Best tool to perform OCR offline

There are so many ways which allow you to perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition), in case you are not familiar with OCR, have a look at this definition – “Optical character recognition, usually abbreviated to OCR, is the mechanical or electronic translation of scanned images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text into machine-encoded text. It is widely used to convert ...

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Apps to Read PDF like a Book, Flipping Pages

Create PDF files and Read PDF files in flip style like a book Soda 3D PDF Reader

There is no scarcity of PDF readers in the market, there are loads and loads of options, also there are several PDF Reader Applications which come for free. We all do read several PDF files, and hence PDF readers are very important part of every computer user’s life. Generally the readers available allow you to read the PDF files as ...

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Automatically Process files dropped in a Dropbox Folder

Automatically Process files dropped in a Dropbox Folder

Dropbox doesn’t need any introduction, and definitely is one of the best services to store, host and share your files in clouds. Also the desktop agent for Dropbox makes it damn convenient to manage your files. There is a huge list of applications which allow you to handle and manage the files in your Dropbox folders; if you are not ...

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Skin Packs for Windows 7: Angry Birds, Zune, Android and more

Free Download Angry Birds Skin Pack for Windows 7

It’s been long for most of since we started using the Windows 7, and hence it is pretty natural that many of us would like to have a change in the look and feel of our operating system now, isn’t it? So if you too are looking for a change, here are some Skin Packs which are damn easy to ...

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Add more locations to the ‘Send to’ menu of Windows

Customize Send to menu of Windows

There comes a time in everybody’s life, when we want to organize the files scattered here and there on our system, and relocate them to the relevant folders. Especially the people who are much into downloading several types have to face this pretty often. Now, this process of organizing the files in respective folder could be a real pain for ...

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