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Dropbox App for Windows 8 : Its a Joke!!

Missing Menu in Dropbox App for Windows 8

Dropbox has finally released Windows 8 Native App which Windows RT users will praise a lot more than the Windows Pro users. Now being a Pro user, I had lots of options with Windows 8 App, and I am lot disappointed and feel like a joke was played on me. Learning Curve : There is a big time learning curve ...

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Nexus 7 : How to share paid apps between multiple users

MUS Nexus

Starting with Android 4.2, Now we have a new feature on Android Tablets which allows multiple users accounts on the same device which is indeed a great solution, but then it acts pretty differently when it comes to app sharing. One user cannot user other users app even if they are a family member. Now its pretty logical that only family ...

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List of Android Apps & Games on Sale (Google Play)

Android Apps on Sale

Below is the list of Android Apps and Games which are on sale for this Christmas and New Year. If you really wanted to buy an app but always thought its costly, then today is the day you need to grab them up as many are even 85% off the regular price. Also some of the apps are just unlocked ...

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Christmas, New Year Themes and Wallpapers for Windows 8 / Windows 7

Every Windows users love themes to get new images, new background music and background images and since its time for Christmas and new year just few days to go, here is our hand picked collection of  Christmas and New Year Themes for Windows 8. Christmas Wallpaper and Theme Decorate the Christmas tree with these beautiful and glittering balls. These three ...

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How to Unlock and Root Nexus 7 in Windows 8

Nexus 7 Unknown Drivers

So last week we got Nexus 7 (Check out the Unboxing) and today after exploring it for long, we are going to root it. So in this post I am sharing the easiest way, to root Nexus 7 with least complexity and its using the same tool which I had used to root Nexus S. What is different when using Windows 8 ...

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How to mass delete Instant Upload photos quickly

Mass Delete Instant Upload Images

Google Plus app for Android and IOS brought in some seriously cool feature apart from communities.  One of these features is Uploading Images on Full Resolution which is geared with UPLOAD ALL option. Now if you aren’t aware, All the images uploaded are stored in Picasa and it shares the 5Gb space with Google Drive. This means if you have too ...

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Google Plus App update brings in Communities Support

Google Plus Community View

Finally Google Plus App for Android has been updated to support communities which was launched last week. Even though Google + Community has its own share of problem, apart from notification overhaul for now, We hope they will be addressed sooner or later. Google Plus Communities Screenshot When you launch the communities for the first time, it will display the list ...

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Windows 8 : Shortcut for Accessing New PC Settings

Change Account Picture in Windows 8

Windows 8 has a metro styled Control Panel Settings which can be accessed only using the shortcut Windows + I, followed by settings option. This is pretty version of the control panel which is more readable, but still has tons of options including Reset, Wallpaper Changer etc. The drawback here is that there is no way to create a shortcut ...

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Automatically organize Files on your Desktop using Fences Rules


Fences is a pretty old software which is the best way you can organize your desktop. It creates grids or area on your desktop where you can keep files and it stays within it. This makes sure your files are not scattered around. If you want to learn on how to use it, read our detailed post on Fences. I ...

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