Windows 7

How to do No / Yes to All for File Copy or Move

File Copy Not to All

Windows warns you when you are about to overwrite a file having same name as source file name. That’s a good thing but when you have 100 files with same name it becomes an issue saying no 100 times. Good News is that since Windows Vista, Windows gives you a direct option to repeat if you want to say No ...

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How to remove Windows 7 Evaluation Copy / Test Mode Build Watermark

Windows 7 Watermark

Few of my Email Subscribers asked me why they see Windows 7 Evaluation Copy build 7601 or even Test Mode Windows 7 Build 7600 at bottom right corner of the desktop, area right above desktop. These are popularly known as Windows 7 Watermark. When asked back they had installed Legal copy of Windows which either they have bought online or ...

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Free Download Windows 7 Taskbar Color Changer

Free Download Windows 7 Taskbar Color Changer

Windows 7 Taskbar Color Changer is a small utility which changes the color of Taskbar instantly. It is a small standalone utility. Once downloaded the zip file for Windows 7 Taskbar Color Changer, you can now unzip and run the exe file. Running the exe file shows you a window as shown below. Here simple click on the color tile ...

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How to get update of other Microsoft product along with Windows Update

Windows optional updates

If you are using Microsoft Products along with Windows, you need not to get the updates individually of  the product separately. In fact Windows Update comes along with a feature in built to get you updates for installed MS Products. This makes it lot easier for you to get the updates in the background and install it when its ready. These ...

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How not to allow other users to install Windows Update

Windows Update Who can install

Windows Update by default is configured so that it can be installed by any user of your computer when prompted. Though its ok as updates should be installed but if you want to know what is getting updated and only you should do it, here are the steps : Type Windows Update in Windows 7 Start Menu Search box click on item which says “Windows ...

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Windows 7 Slate vs Apple iPad

Windows Slate vs Apple iPad

If you are confused which one to opt for when it comes to tablets and if you are really waiting to get a Windows 7 Slate and have kept Apple iPad for hold till that time, Here is a video comparison of Windows 7 Slate and Apple iPad to get you clear ideas on Navigation YouTube video performance, Browsers etc.

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Macs might spoil your fun : PC vs Mac is Official

Windows 7 vs Mac

Ok Apple fan boys will take on this I am pretty sure because this is now Official Page on Microsoft’s site taking about difference between PC running Windows 7 and Mac machine. The key features compared are : Macs might spoil your fun. Macs can take time to learn. Macs don’t work as well at work or at school. Macs ...

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How to backup Windows 7 Media Center Settings

mcBackup Windows 7 MediamcBackup Windows 7 Media

mcBackup is a Windows 7 Media Center Settings backup app which allows you to take backup of your TV Recordings, Channel Lineup, Settings and any other extra folder you are using with Windows 7 Media. Along with this the backup can be scheduled from individual day to every day at a particular time. This is useful if because of any issue like System ...

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How to control Windows 7 Personalization when you have whole family on it

Windows 7 Personalization

When we say Windows 7 personalization we mean changing of wallpapers, screen savers, colour scheme etc. Windows 7 Group Policy Editor comes with certain settings which you can use to turn on and off the features. In fact it is possible to force use of single theme or screensaver or to completely disable it and even make Windows Classic permanent.  Here is ...

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Free Download Windows 7 Gadgets to display disk activity, space etc.

Windows 7 Gadgets to display Disk Activity, Disk Space and a CPU Monitor

Here is a list of three gadgets for your Windows 7 PC, these gadgets display the Disk Activity and Disk space available on your local disks (including the CD/DVD), and a CPU / Memory meter. Have a look at the snapshots of the all three gadgets. CPU / Memory meter displays the information like status of battery, RAM, etc. Disk ...

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How to change Registered Owner and Organization Name in Windows 7

Registered Name Windows 7

If you are planning to hand over your computer with installed Windows 7 to somebody else and want to change the Registered Owner and Organization name to of that person, Here is an easy way to do it. Type Regedit in your run windows and enter Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion Look for two keys RegisteredOrganization and RegisteredOwner Add whatever values you ...

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ByPass UAC by always launching programs with trust

UAC Trust Shortcut

UAC or User Account Control is an inbuilt security system which pops up into action whenever a program windows determines cannot be trusted to grant a complete or partial access. This is necessary to keep your computer and data secure but what becomes annoying is even though you know that program is trusted you are asked for it. Now UAC can be controlled by bring ...

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