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How to Print / Make Mailing Labels in Microsoft Word [ Video Tutorial ]

Tabel Tool to make borders for Labels.

If you want to get name labels to get printed home using your home printer and using either standard labels or just on plain paper, Microsoft Word Label creating wizard has an easy way to do it.  Label printing is available in all the versions, right from 2003, 2007 to Office 2010. Next week I am celebrating my son’s birthday ...

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Make a copy of Old Google Documents before you convert to new editor

Google Document just released an update to its Document Editor. An important point in the update is when you open any old document in Google Docs you might get a message which says Would you like to see this document in the latest version of the editor? Preview . This will give you a clear view on how your document ...

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How to type Indian Rupee Symbol using Keyboard [ Windows ]

Microsoft has released an update which lets Windows users write the Indian Rupee symbol in Microsoft Office Applications like Word, Excel and in Wordpad. The support is for common Windows font like Arial, Microsoft, Times Now etc. The only problem is writing the Indian Rupee Symbol is not straight forward but you need to use certain combination of keystrokes to ...

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How to compare and combine two Word documents

Word Revision Details

Comparing two word documents is required when you need to find what changes were made by another author to the original document and later combine both the documents if you find changes acceptable. Microsoft Office Word comes with an inbuilt tool which lets you compare two documents based on Insertions, Deletions, Moves, Comments, Formatting, Cases changes, White Space, Tables, Header ...

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Read Emails from PST / OST files without Outlook

Outlook OST Viewer

Lets say you have switched to a new computer and have the PST or OST file , but don’t have Outlook Installed and nor have internet configured so you can read the details of a particular mail or note which you stored in your Outlook.  You are stuck because Windows does not have a PST / OST viewer in place. ...

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Download Free Automatic PST backup tool for Outlook

Safe PST Backup

When using Microsoft Office Outlook, all the emails, contacts etc are stored in .pst file which is like a database. If you have this PST files you can carry it to another computer and use it again without loosing your data but if this file goes corrupt or if you lose it because your computer crashed its a huge problem. ...

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Free Download Office OneNote app for iPad, iPhone and iPod

OneNote iOS App

Microsoft for the first time released an app for Office OneNote which works for iPad, iPhone and iPod devices if they are running iOS 4.2 and above. This application however is only available for iTunes US stores only though I don’t see any reason to restrict it otherwise. Remember this is free for a limited time only, so go and ...

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How to view older version of videos uploaded in Google Docs

Google Docs Video Version

Google Docs rolled out a new feature which lets you upload and watch videos in Google Docs video player. Remember this is different from YouTube. but used the same technology in background. Now as we know Google Docs supports version i.e. anytime you want to see how your documents looked like since last update, the same is not available for  ...

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How to import Outlook Email Settings into iPad

Sync Mail Accounts from Outlook to iPad

iPad when it comes to Windows has a good support at least for Office Outlook. So if you have already mail accounts configured in your Outlook and now want to have the same mail accounts into your iPad also, iTunes has just a very easy way to do it. Connect your iPad to your computer and launch iTunes. I am ...

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How to Synchronize Folders in Office Outlook : FolderSync

Folder Synchronization in Outlook

Office Outlook allows you to create folders where you can keep your mails or notes organized but it may so happen that you want to have an exact copy of your Inbox into another folder that can be used as backup or if you lose an email from primary inbox you can restore it from the other folder. FolderSync Addin ...

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Use OneNote Search Connector to search quickly within your OneNotes

Microsoft OneNote Search Connector

If you use OneNote for most of the things and are a heavy user, Microsoft OneNote Search Connector is what you should use when searching for a document image or text inside OneNote. If you had installed OneNote correctly, Microsoft OneNote Search Connector should be listed under C:Users<username>Searches This search connector is another example of Federated search in Windows 7 ...

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Bring Ruled lines to OneNote ( Both New and Old )

Rule Line in One Note

Heavy OneNote Users Only : If you still have the school feeling of writing upside or downside when you switched from ruled paper to Plain sheets, One note has an amazing ruled lines feature for you. Go to File > Options > Display and select Create all new pages with ruled line. Tada!!! From now the ruled lines will support ...

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