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How to Import Gmail Messages into Outlook.Com Account

Outlook Gmail POP Settings in Outlook

If you are already tempted with the awesome features of, It is possible that you can move all your emails from the Gmail Inbox, Archive etc and export into Account using the POP feature in Gmail. It is possible that this feature might not be enabled by default and you will need to enable it. Below are the ...

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Quick Tips on stuff you should use on

Quick Access to Microsoft Account Features

Quickly Access : Did you know you can quickly access Skydrive, People, Calendar etc by just clicking on the top left Outlook logo ? This feature will roll out everywhere once, rest of the properties get the same kind of upgrades. Outlook Status Check : If you think Outlook is not working for you properly, follow this link to find ...

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How to recover deleted messages / email from account

Outlook Deleted Messages Settings

Many a times you might want to recover a deleted email from your Outlook account even though you had deleted this intentionally thinking it will be of no use to you. does makes this possible by giving you a chance to recover them unless its too old. To recover deleted messages follow the steps below : Go to Deleted ...

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How to use Yahoo & Gmail Shortcuts in (Keyboard Shortcuts)

Outlook Keyboard Shortcut Settings

After a major overhaul of Hotmail or the Live Mail account to Outlook, Microsoft has also made sure that any anybody who is willing to migrate from Yahoo Mail or Gmail to can use the same set of Keyboard shortcuts as they were using before.  Below are the details on How to turn on those shortcuts or completely turn ...

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Installing Office 2013 / 365 Home Premium Preview with 64-bit Office 2010

Office 32 64 bit problem

My office computer has a 64 bit Windows and Office 2010 installed and all in excitement when I went to install the Office 365 Home Premium, I was thrown up with a sweet office error which said : We found a problem! We’re sorry, Office (32-bit) couldn’t be installed because you have these 64-bit Office programs installed on your computer: ...

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OCAT Tool can help you Troubleshoot Office Outlook issues

OCAT for Outlook

This is a good news for all Outlook users and Admins who had been breaking their head hard to fix issues around Outlook on Windows. Microsoft has a new tool like, Fix IT, called as OCAT or Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool  which can fix issues which has been commonly troubleshooted. Since this tools come from the Support Engg in Microsoft ...

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OneNote gets better SkyDrive Integration

OneNote SkyDrive Access

Looks like the shopping commercial of Windows Phone using One Note has made Microsoft Office Team make the live integration even better with two new improvements. One the ability to open any one note into the sky drive and secondly you will see error messages related to sync right where the one note is syncing. Open Online OneNote file without going to ...

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Sum Table values in OneNote like in Excel with Table Sum

OneNote TableSum

If you use OneNote for calculating expenses, keeping track of incomes i.e. anything which uses summing up numbers, we know how irritating it is to sum all the columns at the end of the table we had created till now.  Table Sum Toy is an excellent add-on and is now updated to work with Office OneNote 2010 and it can ...

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Cleanest way to Export Google Contacts to Excel

Cleanest way to Export Google Contacts to Excel

Gmail / Google Contacts come with an inbuilt option to export contacts and groups but the problem is that it adds a lot of fields or labels like Address 1, Address 2,  Organization 1 and so on for all of them. Now if you only need an email address or at the max phone number of such contacts rest of ...

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