Automatically Save Screenshots to Dropbox

Dropbox has rolled out a new feature in their latest build 2.3.2 which lets you save screenshot of your PC straight to Dropbox and upload it as usual. This feature aligns with the Camera Roll upload feature so any screenshot taken using Print + Screen keys will be saved into Dropbox Camera Roll Folder. Once you install the latest build ( ...

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Voxdox : Convert Scanned Text & Documents to Speech on Android & iPhone

Many of us when travelling around the world always need to convert a written foreign language into ones native language. Though there are tons of application that can do text to text translation, Voxdox is a new iPhone, Android Application which can convert text into speech. This means you will be able to convert it using your phone camera. In ...

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How to Remove Noise from Video using Sony Vegas Pro & Audacity

Open Audio in Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is one of the best video editing tool if you are using Windows. Even then it does not come with a Background Noise Removal Program of its own which brings in major drawback unless you are using a powerful microphone. Now since not everyone can afford such costly microphone, in this post I will tell you how ...

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Chat on Lan with IP Messenger for Android

IP Messenger for Android

IP Messenger is a chat messenger which works with other IP Messenger clients installed over the same network. As a matter of fact, its one of the most popular chat client in Offices.  It even has a WPF version with better user interface. We covered it years back and never knew that IP messenger has made its way to Android. ...

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Whatsapp Windows Client in development

Whatsapp Latest Client

Whatsapp, the popular messaging client might get its first Windows Client that you can use on your PC. However, the work is still in progress and we will get to know if it makes it to reality with time. So now if you are wondering how an app can work on a PC when it is not allowed to even work on ...

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Quickly Switch Between Two Internet Connection on Your Computer

Many a times your Computer is connected to more than one Internet Connection. It can be  Two Wi-Fi or a combination of Wi-Fi and LAN. When you want to switch between them, you disconnect from one, disabling is most commonly practiced, so your computer automatically picks up the other connection. Though its a very easy task but it involves couple ...

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How to Export Feeds from Google Reader using Google Takeout

Google Reader Takout

Google Reader is retiring from 1st July 2013. A product which is being used by millions will be lost because Google could not make it profitable. As a matter of fact retiring AdSense for Feeds is the primary reason. So coming back to the topic, How do you export feeds from Google Reader ? The process was simpler before because Google allowed to export ...

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Make USB drive Read-Only when you plug it in your computer

USB Read only at Startup

Catching a virus from a USB drive is as common as getting common cold. This is one reason why you see every Cyber Café or even your friend scanning your USB drive he plugs into his computer. One of the effective options is to make the drive read only, so none of the virus can perform a copy operation.  This ...

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How to Unlink Skype & Microsoft or Facebook Account, Mind the Limit

Unlink MS Skype Account

If you have always wondered if there was any option to remove the linked Microsoft Account with your Skype Account, then there wasn’t any actually. Good news is that According to Live Side, Skype has rolled in this unlinking option the profile. This allows you to remove the associated MS account from Skype. However, to warn you, there is a limit ...

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Extract multiple archive files in a go

Extract Now for Windows

Windows users who deal with archive files on day to day basis must have always though for a tool that can automate this job and extract all archive i.e. ZIP, Rar etc files in one go. This will not only save some time for them but also increase their productivity compare to extracting individual archive files one by one. ExtractNow ...

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Automatically organize Files on your Desktop using Fences Rules


Fences is a pretty old software which is the best way you can organize your desktop. It creates grids or area on your desktop where you can keep files and it stays within it. This makes sure your files are not scattered around. If you want to learn on how to use it, read our detailed post on Fences. I ...

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Video : Dropbox introduces 2 Way authentication after security hits

Enabling Time Based Auth Barcode

After waves of security issues faced by Dropbox recently, the company has now introduced 2 Way Authentication based on same fundamentals as  Google’s 2 Step Authentication system. However, this  is introduced in the experimental build which you need to enable as of now, but I am pretty confident that this will soon bee rolled out all accounts. So for now here are ...

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