WhatsApp Launched for Web; Here is How to Install it.

While Windows 10 Announces has taken over the world right now, this can cloud everything right now. WhatsApp is finally here for Web and it needs Chrome to get working. So basically not a desktop app, but you can use it on Mac or PC, anywhere Chrome works. Its a web client, which duplicates your whatsapp on your phone so ...

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Montessorium launches Intro to Cursive for iPad

Montsssorium Intro to Cursive App

If you have bought apps for your Kid on iPad, Montessorium is a name you should be knowing. This app maker has some extremely useful app for kids like Intro to Math, Alpha Writer, Intro to Letters and Intro to colors. My son has practically grown up using these apps since he was a year old and has finished all of them. Looking at ...

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Get S-View on Any Android Phone; Works with Magnetic Flip Cover

S View on every Android Phone

If you are fan of Samsung’s S View which rolled out for their Flip Covered supported phones, Galaxy S4, here is a great news for you. XDA Developers Hatroid has made it compatible to work with any device which supports Flip Style magnetic cover and has a window cut for you to see the details. Features of S-View App: The app once ...

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Flipkart eBook App launched for iPad & iPhone, Updated for Android

Flipkart eReader for Android

As eBook reading is picking up its pace with Mobile media and Amazon’s Kindle being the most popular, Flipkart has launched their eBook reader app for iPhone and iPad and revamped for Android users to boost its eBook selling in India. Till date only android users had this app, but now since the app is available for iOS, and recently ...

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Instagram Uploader & Viewer for Windows 8 — Instapic

Instapic for Windows 8

Looks like Instagram is getting so addictive between users that they just want it everywhere. Be it mobile or their PC. While Windows Phone users have options like Instance, Windows 8 users now have Instapic which is a beautifully done Instagram client. Before you raise your eyebrows and ask me if it can post a picture ? Yes it can ...

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Save Battery by Turning off your Android Mobile Processor Cores

Pickup any smartphone, it runs out of battery sooner or later. So what do we do ? We start turning of all the smart features including background syncing to save lot of battery. That does help but then it defeats the purpose. There are two hardware in any phone that consumes a lot of battery. First is the display & ...

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Google Reader Backup Viewer — Zombie Reader

Google Reader Zombie

A couple of days back, when Google Reader was very much alive, I shared how you can take a complete backup of all your feeds which will include posts on your computer. This is extremely useful if you have used reader as an archive of what you read and it was very good at it. It was the only tool which ...

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Feed Demon Pro is Free to Download

Feeddemon Free

After Google announced retirement of Google Reader, Feed Demon, a desktop client for Windows announced its retirement too. As the client was heavily dependent on Google reader it would have not made any sense. However today when I checked on Feeddemon website, it also said that FeedDemon Pro is available free download. This pro version of the feed reader is almost like ...

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